Desotec launches B-pure renewable purification line

We launch a new product line under the name B-PURE®. All products in the new line are produced from fully renewable raw materials. In this way, we reduce the CO2 emissions of many European customers by 90%.

For decades, we have operated to the maximum according to circular principles by reactivating the activated carbon used in filters, for which we commissioned our fourth reactivation plant at the beginning of 2020. For biogas purification, the reuse of activated carbon is not entirely possible, which is why we went in search of sustainable raw materials as an alternative. The B-PURE® product line thus further contributes to our circular objectives.

The first product to be launched is the ‘B-PURE® 1DS-8,’ a carbon type that is exceptionally suitable for the removal of H2S (hydrogen sulphide) from biogas and biomethane. Unlike the industry standard, where raw materials are specifically mined for activated carbon production, our B-PURE® products are produced entirely from renewable materials. Previously, these materials were only used as fuel in power plants, and now were developed by DESOTEC into high-quality purification products.


Contributing to a cleaner and healthier world for 30 years already

We celebrate our thirtieth anniversary. Since the start of the company, our mission has always been to contribute to a cleaner world by means of circular filter solutions.

We fulfil this mission by providing more than 1000 European companies with filters. By using activated carbon, we purify the air and water flows and effectively neutralizes the chemical residues collected for many industrial companies. In this way, we prevent the release of emissions that are harmful to human health or have a negative impact on climate change.

In addition, the innovative circular process enables us to reuse the filter components while destroying and/or neutralizing all harmful substances.

“Our mission as a company is clear: to contribute to a better world. We do this on one hand from our core service: by removing contaminants for companies in a circular way; and on the other hand by professionally destroying and/or neutralizing these contaminants at our facilities, so that we can help create a clean planet and a healthier living environment. Every day we work hard on our mission together with our passionate DESOTEC Warriors (our employees). I am proud that we can all go home every day with the feeling that we have contributed to a better world”

CEO Mario Hertegonne