To protect the planet – that’s our mission at DESOTEC 

DESOTEC is the leading provider of mobile filtration solutions in Europe and is establishing this leading market position in the United States. Thanks to its unique, flexible, circular service concept and the extensive expertise built up over many decades, DESOTEC unburdens its industrial customers and helps them to make their operations or products more sustainable.  

DESOTEC is constantly growing thanks to a strong 24/7 service and a commitment to design and deliver the best solution in close dialogue with the customer. DESOTEC has about 400 employees, who are all committed to help protect the planet by driving positive ecological change across all industries.  


Are you an organizational talent with a passion for logistics? We are looking for you as a Logistics Administrative Clerk! In this versatile role, you will play a crucial part in optimizing our logistics processes

As a Logistics Administrative Clerk at DESOTEC you get the following responsibilities: 

  • Supporting logistical planning:  

    You contribute to the flawless execution of the planning of the filter exchanges across Europe.  

    You monitor progress, identify potential bottlenecks, and proactively think about efficiency improvements. 

  • Preparing waste documents + registering waste transport:  

    You are responsible for accurately preparing waste documents and timely registering waste transport. A critical task to ensure our logistics processes meet the highest standards. 

  • Handling import containers:  

    You ensure the smooth handling of import containers, from arranging transportation to taking care of the necessary documentation. Your attention to detail ensures that everything runs smoothly. 

  • Booking ferries and trains:  

    In fact, you not only book ferry and train transport but also closely monitor the schedule. Your punctuality and organizational talent contribute to a streamlined logistics operation. 

  • Preparing and sending customs documents:  

    You are the (future) expert when it comes to customs documentation. You ensure the right paperwork and make sure everything is sent out on time and accurately. 


In summary, as a Logistics Administrative Clerk, you are the hub in our logistics wheel, contributing to a smoothly running operation. Are you ready for this challenging and responsible position? If so, please read on! 😉 


Who are you as a Logistics Administrative Clerk? 

  • You ideally hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Office Management or a related field.

  • You ideally possess relevant experience in an administrative role, although we are also open to newly graduated candidates who are seeking their first work experience. 

  • You are fluent in English, Dutch, and French (spoken + written). 

  • You have knowledge of Microsoft Office. Experience with Navision and/or Dynamics is considered a plus/nice-to-have but is not a must. 

  • You have a no-nonsense mentality. We are looking for a candidate who is straightforward, with a pragmatic approach and a focus on results. 

  • You are dynamic. Our ideal candidate is energetic, flexible, and able to adapt to a rapidly changing work environment. 

  • You are motivated to work and grow. We expect not only dedication to current tasks but also an intrinsic motivation to grow personally and professionally. 

  • You are social. As a team player, you possess good communication skills and thrive in a social work environment. 


We value dedication, flexibility, and a proactive attitude. A willingness to go the extra mile is appreciated in our dynamic work environment. 

If you are the candidate who embraces these qualities and is enthusiastic about challenges, apply now and become part of our team that not only values competencies but also the right mindset and drive to excel


What's in it for you as a Logistics Administrative Clerk at DESOTEC? 

  • A varied position where every workday looks different. 

  • Growth opportunities according to your own interests and the needs within DESOTEC. 

  • You will work in an innovative environment and benefit from flexible working hours (start between 7:45 am and 8:45 am).  

  • You have the flexibility to plan your leave in consultation with your colleagues (no collective closure!). 

  • A fair, qualitative salary package with many extra-legal benefits, including meal vouchers, group insurance, health insurance, … 

  • Fun (!) and experienced team members who value you for who you are and make you look forward to the next morning/workday.  

  • You will regularly receive invitations to various after-work events and other enjoyable activities. Job satisfaction? You can definitely check that off your job wish list too! 😉 


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