DESOTEC introduces two new polyethylene filter types for gas purification

At DESOTEC we are continuously innovating and developing new products. Just two months ago we introduced our new renewable activated carbon line B-PURE®. Today we are introducing two new filter types.  

The new AIRCON 2000 PE and AIRCON 3000 PE filter models have specifically been developed for air and gas purification applications where corrosion is a possible risk factor. 

The polyethylene structure of these filters makes them particularly suited for applications where corrosion may potentially cause damages to standard stainless-steel filters, thus generating additional costs for repair.   

These polyethylene filters are an ideal fit to treat gases after they’ve passed through wet scrubbers, purify wet vapours, and for biogas applications.  

With the introduction of these new polyethylene filter types, we are further expanding the number of applications where mobile activated carbon filters can be used. 


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