Waste water

Purification with mobile activated carbon filters

Waste water treatment

Water is often required when we want to manufacture something. This water will become contaminated during the production process: it results in wastewater that cannot be simply discharged back into the environment.  Wastewater produced in this way will then require to be treated before it can be discharged into a sewer or surface water, or indeed re-used.

On the other hand it may also be the case that the water supply for a factory requires to be treated before it can be used in the production process.

DESOTEC’s activated carbon is often the appropriate technology for treatment at source as well as in between the various production stages, and for end-of-pipe treatment (e.g. after upstream biological or physicochemical treatment). Parameters such as COD, BOD, TOC, BTEX, hydrocarbons, AOX, pesticides, cyanides, odour, colour, etc. hold no secrets for DESOTEC. Even contaminated fire water can be treated by us.

To meet all these challenges DESOTEC offers a customised package with immediate availability: mobile activated carbon filters.
Furthermore, DESOTEC has developed a collection of top-of-the-range adsorption products that maximise performance and hence keep costs down to a minimum.




DESOTEC offers different types of activated carbon for wastewater treatment:

  • Granular activated carbon of different qualities for the removal of dissolved organic pollutions.
  • Powdered activated carbon to be dosed in industrial wastewater treatment plants, according to the BIO-PAC process.

Specifically for the treatment of wastewater, DESOTEC developed a fleet of mobile filters processing flows to above 100m³/h per filter.

The use of mobile filters offers several advantages to the user:

  • An easy to use and compact solution.
  • Plug-and-Play
  • Small and compact units designed to treat a broad range of flows and concentrations.
  • The filters are offered with daily rental contracts. No capex facility is needed.
  • On site representative piloting.
  • No maintenance cost.
  • Continuous new developments and improvements

DESOTEC offers recycling solutions for spent activated carbon coming from wastewater in its own furnaces and other recovery facilities.