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Activated carbon

What is activated carbon?

Activated carbons are manufactured carbonaceous non-hazardous products having a porous structure and a large internal surface area. The chemical structure of activated carbon can be defined as a crude form of graphite with a random or amorphous structure, which is highly porous over a broad range of pore sizes, from visible cracks and crevices to cracks and crevices of molecular dimensions.

Activated carbon treatment: adsorption

Activated carbon treatment is primarily based on a phenomenon called adsorption, in which molecules of a liquid or gas are trapped by either an external or internal surface of a solid. The phenomenon is somewhat similar to iron filings being held by a magnet. Activated carbon has a very high internal surface area (up to 1500m2/g) and is thus an ideal material for adsorption. To further improve the activated carbon properties for certain applications, we can impregnate the activated carbon with selected chemicals.

Activated carbon production

What is activated carbon?

Types of activated carbon

Activated carbons are produced in different shapes and forms such as granular, extruded and powder activated carbon including acid washed and impregnated products and is a widespread adsorption media, used in almost every industrial field. It is used in different air, gas, water and process applications. DESOTEC Activated Carbon is an international developer, producer and supplier of purification solutions mainly based on activated carbon technology. We offer different types of activated carbon for a wide range of applications. These activated carbon  types are used in different purification systems. Read on about:

  • How activated carbon is made
  • How activated carbon works
  • How activated carbon is used
  • Different types of activated carbon
  • Applications where DESOTEC activated carbon are used:
    • Purification of liquids and water
    • Purification of gases and air
  • Chemical structure of activated carbon
  • What adsorption is
  • What is adsorbed

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