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Activated carbon for gases and air purification

For the purification of air and gases, we mostly use extruded (pressed pellets) or coarse granular activated carbon. Typical applications for gases and air are:

  • Air purification and environmental protection
    • Removal of volatile organic compounds (VOC) and hydrocarbons
      • Paint booth
      • Storage tank ventilation
      • Dry cleaning
      • Solvent recovery
    • Odour control
    • Inlet or cabin air purification and evaporative emission control (ELCD) in the automotive industry
    • Mercury (Hg), dioxin and other trace contaminants removal from flue gas
    • Groundwater remediation (air strippers, venting, tent ventilation)
    • Air conditioning units and cooker hoods
  • Purification of process gases
    • Siloxanes and hydrogensulphide (H2S) removal from biogas, such as:
      • Landfill gas
      • Sewage gas
      • Bio methane
    • Carbon dioxide purification
    • Fruit storage
    • Hydrogen (gas purification)
    • Hydrogen purification (PSA)
    • Mercury (Hg) removal from natural gas
    • Landfill gas
  • Removal of harmful and toxic substances for personnel and collective protection
    • Cigarettes
    • First responders
    • Gas masks and shelters
    • Nuclear power plants
  • Industrial catalyst applications
    • Cyanuric chloride production
    • Phosgene production and destruction

To further improve the action of activated carbon for air purification we can impregnate the activated carbon with chemicals. This results in chemisorption, which reinforces the adsorption.

DESOTEC’s activated carbon for gases and air

activated carbon for gases and air purification

DESOTEC products are packed in standard 15-20 kg bags or in 400–700kg big bags, stacked on pallets per max. 700kg. Alternative forms of packaging are possible upon request.

Do you require more info on activated carbon for gases and air purification? Be sure to get in touch with us!