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Activated carbon products for gas phase applications

DESOTEC offers a wide range of activated carbon products for gas phase applications.  Depending on the application we can offer products made from different raw materials, with different activity, purity levels and shapes. DESOTEC also offers a range of gas phase impregnated activated carbons with enhanced properties for certain applications. This list is not exhaustive and includes only the most common types. Need other types? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Coal based pelletized activated carbon

Our wide range of steam activated extruded activated carbon includes following grades:


Coal based granular activated carbon

PARADIOX® 30-KBK is a granular steam activated coal based product, especially produced to be used as fixed bed material for the removal of dioxins/furans and heavy metals from flue gases.

Coconut based activated carbon

Granular Activated Carbon (GAC)

ORGANOSORB® granular activated carbon ORGANOSORB® 10-CO is a nut shell based granular activated carbon used to remove low boiling organic solvents and odours from air and gas.

Reactivated carbon pools

R-PURE® 20 and ORGANOSORB® 20-CO  are two ranges of granular reactivated carbon offered based on a pool concept to remove low boiling organic solvents and odours from air and gas. The products are selected to meet the specific needs of the customer's application, while the customer's used activated carbon is recycled where possible.

Powder activated carbon

PARADIOX® is a range of steam-activated coal-based powdered activated carbon (PAC), specifically producedfor use where dioxins/furans and heavy metals have to be eliminated from flue gases in incineration plants. Desotec offers several grades:

  • PARADIOX® 200-1-20
  • PARADIOX® 200-55
  • PARADIOX® 200-65 LI