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Impact of the raw material on the purity of activated carbon

Granular Activated Carbon (GAC)

Coconut-based granular activated carbon (GAC) The purity of the manufactured activated carbon is influenced by the raw materials used (e.g. wood contains calcium, coal contains iron) or from the activation agents used in chemical activation processes. The raw materials will have an impact on ash content and ash constituents. For example: to produce one ton of coal based activated carbon, we need approximately 3 to 4MT coal. Starting with a raw material that contains 3% versus 5% ash will result in an end product of 9% versus 15% ash or higher. If you need additional information about our range of product please do not hesitate and contact us.

Impact of other factors on activated carbon purity

The purity of activated carbon mainly depends on the raw material but is also influenced by the production method and post-treatment. For steam activated carbons we have following typical properties:

Base material Total Ash
Coconut 2-4%
Wood 3-6%
Coal 5-15%
Lignite 25-30%

Fortunately, not all ash is leachable and metal leaching into a process stream is pH dependant. DESOTEC Activated Carbon offers a number of grades certified for very low levels of extractable minerals.