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Molasses number of activated carbon

Molasses number of activated carbon

DESOTEC QC lab: Molasses solution

The Molasses number (DSTM 16) is a measure of the decolorizing capacity and is an indicator of the macro pore and transport pore structure of activated carbon. An amount of pulverised carbon is mixed and heated with a standard molasses solution for a period of time. The Molasses number is expressed as the relative amount of colour removed by an activated carbon compared to a standard carbon. So the higher the molasses number, the better the product.

Normally, it is impossible to compare molasses numbers of different suppliers as the value depends on several factors:

  • Molasses standard solution;
  • pH of the test;
  • Buffered or unbuffered molasses solution;
  • Standard carbon;
  • Type of test.

Some molasses test methods are expressed as the amount of carbon required to obtain a certain decolorization of a standard molasses solution. Activated carbons with a lower molasses number then have a better decolourisation capacity in this type of test methods.

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