4 typical questions about protecting your filters in icy weather

Winter is here! The question is: is your filtration installation also ready for wintertime?
Frost can be damaging for our mobile filters, especially our MOBICONs that are used to purify water. Therefore we've listed the most important questions so you know what to do in case of icy weather.

Is it better to keep the filter plugged or to unplug it in case of cold weather?

The best measure is keep the filter on-line with sufficient flow since continuously running water prevents freezing. During short shutdowns, no action is required. For shutdowns longer than a week or if the temperature goes below 5 °C, it is necessary to drain the filter immediately.


If I notice the filter and its hoses are frozen, which actions should I take?

Unfortunately, there's not much you can do except letting it melt or helping the melting process along ... Want to avoid this in the future? The other questions can help you out!


How long does the drainage take and when can I start using the filter normally again?

The time required to drain a filter depends on the filter type but typically takes a few hours. A general guideline is that draining for a minimum of 12 hours should be sufficient. It is advisable to backwash the filter first as this will improve draining.


How can the filter be drained?

The filter has to be completely disconnected. The water should be evacuated via the drain valve by gravity. All other valves such as inlet, outlet, aeration and deaeration have to be opened. This is essential to avoid vacuum in the filter, which can severly damage the structure of the filter.


Other question?

Don't hesitate to reach out to our engineers.