DESOTEC helps chemical industry with new regulations on wastewater and waste gas emissions.

activated carbon

As we evolve towards a cleaner and safer environment for the sake of all European citizens, environmental restrictions concerning waste water and waste gas become more and more stringent.

Conclusions on Best Available Techniques (BAT) for common waste water and waste gas treatment are finally available (Commission implementing decision (EU) 2016/90, Directive 2010/75/UE).

In this document, chemical industry is strongly encouraged to adapt their processes to the new emission limits, during a period of 4 years. It is only at the reach of polishing technologies, such as adsorption on activated carbon, to fulfil the latest and most restrictive environmental pollution regulations.

In combination with the mobile, modular and interchangeable filter units from DESOTEC, our activated carbon solutions are the safest bet to comply with local, national and European legislation.

DESOTEC is ahead in providing the industry with the proper solutions to adapt to this new situation, thus avoiding unnecessary costs derived from the non-compliance of such norms.


At DESOTEC’s facilities, all used carbon is analysed so the right measures can be taken for handling and removing the saturated carbon out of the mobile filters. All molecules that were adsorbed on the activated carbon at the customers’ site, are desorbed inside DESOTEC’s reactivation furnaces. These contaminants are then fully destroyed, in accordance with National and European legislationby an incineration and neutralisation setup. The entire installation and it's emissions are under continuous on-line monitoring, which guarantees that only harmless water vapour is seen exiting the chimney.