Thermal oxidizer breaks down, DESOTEC offers a 24/7 back-up solution


In April 2016 a fire destroyed a thermal oxidizer at a site where flexible flooring solutions are manufactured. The fire risked disrupting the non-stop production process. Fortunately, DESOTEC stepped in with 24/7 support.

Filling in for the thermal oxidizer

When a fire destroyed an existing thermal oxidizer, the firm feared an interruption of its non-stop production of flexible floors. There was no continuous back-up on site for the recovery time objective (RTO). Severe losses seemed inevitable. Then DESOTEC, an expert in activated carbon filters, stepped into the picture. 24/7 for our customers also means 24/7 for DESOTEC. In very short notice, DESOTEC installed a backup treatment plant with its mobile filter AIRCON-H. This setup allowed the customer to resume its production at full capacity and without interruptions, thereby avoiding any more financial losses. Particular engineering needed to be done, as the situation called for a treatment at elevated temperatures in combination with variable concentrations (high peak concentrations) and changing compositions.

Mobile activated carbon filters

The customer will continue to work with the mobile activated carbon filters from DESOTEC until the thermal oxidizer is operational again. A full and continuous back-up with AIRCON-H carbon filters is currently also taken into consideration.