Visit the first-ever production facility of European made activated carbon from spent high-sulphur loaded activated carbon from the biogas industry

Thanks to the opportunity ‘Host your event’ arranged by the European Biogas Association as part of the European Biomethane Week 2024, DESOTEC opens the doors of its brand-new production facility for an exclusive event on the 22nd and 25th of October 2024.

Take a peek behind the curtains

The DESOTEC team is glad to welcome you in Roeselare (Flanders, Belgium) for an engaging plant tour of its new production facility, Production Facility 5.

As from the summer of 2024, this facility brings to the biogas industry a tangible closed-loop recycling of spent high-sulphur loaded activated carbon stemming from the biogas purification, in particular the removal of hydrogen sulphide in biogas, and also in odour management.

High-sulphur loaded activated carbon can contain up to above 50% of solid sulphur after use. So far there has been no other solutions but to dispose them of. With the game-changing PF5 production line, single-use activated carbon grades for biogas desulphurization is now a thing of the past.

What you will do during that day

Upon arrival at DESOTEC, delegates will be welcomed with an introduction to the company and an overview of the ins and outs of the PF5 facility.

Visiting groups will then be formed and assigned to designated guides, who will provide personal protective equipment (PPE) prior to the plant tour. A shuttle bus will transport attendees to the production facilities and back.

The plant tour is focused on the reactivation facilities of activated carbon grades used for biogas cleaning-up and on mobile filters.

After the visit, a selection of refreshments will be served, facilitating exchanges and networking opportunities. Participants will then return to the Brussels location.

22nd of October

  • 13h00 Departing in Brussels
  • 14h30 Arriving in Roeselare & introduction
  • 15h30 Visit towards the facilities
  • 17h00 Light dinner
  • 18h00 Back on the bus towards Brussels

25th of October

  • 8h00 Departing in Brussels
  • 9h30 Arriving in Roeselare & introduction
  • 10h30 Visit towards the facilities
  • 12h00 Lunch
  • 13h00 Back on the bus towards Brussels

Plant tour conditions

  • DESOTEC will provide each participant with Personal Protection Equipment, i.e. helmets, protective goggles, and safety bibs.
  • A specific leaflet displaying applicable safety measures in DESOTEC premises will be given to each attendee.
  • A strict no pictures policy during the visit is required.
  • Specific served food can be anticipated for particular diets of some participants, if need be.
  • The shuttle bus for the return trip between DESOTEC premises and Brussels location is provided free of charge by DESOTEC.
  • It is also possible for registered attendees to come directly to DESOTEC using their own means of transportation.
  • DESOTEC reserves the right to adjust the plant tour based on the actual operating conditions.