24/7 Service

Thanks to a 24/7 service and a large stock of mobile filters and activated carbon, DESOTEC is able to install a treatment system ready for use at the customer’s site within 24 hours.

STEP 1: The DESOTEC engineers define the exact challenge on site together with the customer’s process engineers.

STEP 2: In the customer’s or the Desoteclaboratory the challenge is simulated and a feasibility study executed.

STEP 3: The best technical-economical solution is defined. On that basis we select the type of activated carbon(s) to be put in use and the mobile filter configuration.

STEP 4: The set-up on site is prepared together with the customer. Mobile filters are installed and filtration, thus purification, begins.

STEP 5: When the activated carbon is spent, the complete filter is exchanged. The spent carbon is reactivated so it can be re-used in the customer’s processes.