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Easy and fast exchange of activated carbon filters

DESOTEC has the largest mobile filters fleet in Europe, witch for many customers and end users is the most comfortable and flexible solution.

Comfortable: the DESOTEC mobile carbon filters are filter and transport vessel in one. We deliver the mobile filter with the required activated carbon. When the mobile filter is saturated, we collect the filter in its entirety and replace it by another unit with new product. The saturated and fresh products are not manipulated on site so operators are not exposed to the product. The replacement takes half an hour at the most, for up to 25m³ of activated carbon. And you do not have to take care of the transport of spent carbon.

Flexible : DESOTEC offers mobile filters on a daily basis. The handling and transportation costs are as good as negligible, as the transport cost is optimised to the maximum through the delivery model and the design of the filter units, which means you can save your investments for your core activity.

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