Not sure what solution is right for you?


Alongside our standard mobile filters for rental, Desotec is also able to provide total solutions for both water and air applications.  These are discussed in great detail in our project department and elaborated from A to Z.  This means that customers have a single point of contact for arriving at solutions to their needs.  Electrical controls are included in this solution, alongside the mechanical components - in sum, an all-in solution.

We provide:

  1. Connection, reduction or intervening pieces in different materials and sizes
  2. (Mobile) skids for water and air purification 
  3. Complete turn-key projects
    • Steel structures in galvanised, coated or stainless stell
    • Calculation of line losses for correct dimensioning of pipe sizes and fans or pumps in accordance with the flow required.
    • Appropriate selection of materials for the system (pipes, fans, instrumentation, seals, …) depending on the medium.
    • P&IDs for detailing the concept in full
    • Strength calculations for constructing systems in accordance with local standards.
    • Desotec has developed a device to detect and eliminate hotspots for the protection of the filter and the customer’s system.
  4. Gas detection systems: VOC-BOX
    • Desotec can offer a gas monitoring system to detect the saturation of the activated carbon filter.