C-PURE®: a new brand in the world of activated carbon powder

DESOTEC Activated Carbon launches its new name C-PURE® for a range of activated carbon powders that have been specially developed for decolourisation and purification of chemicals, pharmaceuticals and food products. The product is produced with optimised adsorption kinetics and good filtration properties. C-PURE® has an open pore structure for the removal of higher weight molecules such as proteins and large colour molecules.

DESOTEC C-Pure activated carbon powder

C-Pure, DESOTEC's new activated carbon powder

Activated carbon powders for a wide range of applications

The DESOTEC Activated Carbon specialists defined the properties of the products to ensure efficient use in a wide range of decolourisation applications. These applications include the purification of:

  • Amino acids
  • Contrast liquids
  • Organic acids
    • Citric acid
    • Fumaric acid
  • Phosphoric acid
  • Steroids
  • Sugar or other foodstuff
  • Vitamins

C-PURE® can be adapted to the needs of the customer’s application by several post treatment steps.

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At DESOTEC’s facilities, all used carbon is analysed so the right measures can be taken for handling and removing the saturated carbon out of the mobile filters. All molecules that were adsorbed on the activated carbon at the customers’ site, are desorbed inside DESOTEC’s reactivation furnaces. These contaminants are then fully destroyed, in accordance with National and European legislationby an incineration and neutralisation setup. The entire installation and it's emissions are under continuous on-line monitoring, which guarantees that only harmless water vapour is seen exiting the chimney.