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Powder activated carbon (PAC)

Powder Activated Carbon (PAC) or pulverised activated carbon are small activated carbon particles, with a size that is predominantly less than 0.075mm, produced by milling or pulverising activated carbon. Different definitions exist for powder activated carbon...

Powder activated carbon according to the ASTM

ASTM International, formerly known as the American Society for Testing and Material, classifies activated carbon particles having a size smaller than 80US Mesh (0.180 mm) as powder activated carbon (PAC). Sometimes following differentiation is made:

  • Powdered activated carbon is defined as having a mean particle diameter (mpd) less than 0.045mm (325US Mesh);
  • Fine mesh is defined as having a particle size predominantly between 0.045 and 0.180mm (80 and 325US Mesh).

Powder activated carbon according to the EC Council The EC COUNCIL REGULATION No 649/2008 of 8 July 2008 defines Powder Activated Carbon (PAC) as consisting of at least 90% by mass (% W/W) of particles with a size less than 0.5mm (35US Mesh).

Powder activated carbon applications

DESOTEC Powder Activated Carbon

Powder activated carbon (PAC) Some common ORGANOSORB® powder activated carbon applications are:

  • To treat small batches;
  • In applications where only partial treatment is desired, like in hydrolysed vegetable protein purification;
  • In applications with high flow rates and low carbon dosage to avoid capital expense;
  • For seasonal applications like taste and odour control in drinking water.

> Find out more about other activated carbon applications Using powder activated carbon always results in spent or used carbon that cannot be recycled and thus with a chemical waste. Today many users are switching from the traditional use of powdered activated carbon as a disposable chemical. By this change they are following the modern tendency towards recycling and waste minimisation, thereby reducing the use of the world's resources. Our activated carbon specialist have been deeply involved in switching powder activated carbon users to continuous adsorption processes using mobile systems like the MOBICON® , AIRCON® and fixed bed systems like the FILTRAFIX®.