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Impregnated activated carbon

To further improve the action of activated carbon, we can impregnate the activated carbon with selected chemicals. Impregnation of activated carbon gives the activated carbon additional properties such as chemisorption properties which reinforces the adsorption or can result in bacteriostatic properties by controlled, low silver leach in point of use (POU) or point of entry (POE) home water appliance filters.

Benefits of impregnated activated carbon

The benefits of chemically impregnated activated carbon have been proven for:

Impregnated activated carbon - Mercury removal

  • Mercury removal from natural gas purification of waste odours, removal of chemicals…;
  • desulphurisation of biogas;
  • removal of mercury during the production of hydrogen gas;
  • fume purification in laboratory fume cabinets;
  • home water treatment in bacteriostatic water filters;
  • removal of war gases from NBC filters and gas masks (pursuant to international standards such as CEN and NIOSH);
  • ammoniac and amines removal from air.

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