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Raw materials of activated carbon

Activated carbon can be manufactured from a wide variety of raw materials. The predominant qualification is that the raw material should have a high percentage of carbon content. Other parameters, like ash content and trace impurities, also play an important role as they end up in the final product and can impact on the final product properties.

Commonly used raw materials

The most commonly used raw materials are coal (anthracite, bituminous, sub- bituminous and lignite), coconut shells, wood (both soft and hard) and peat. Many other raw materials have been evaluated such as (wal-) nutshells, olive stones and palm kernels but invariably their commercial limitation lies in raw material supply. Activated carbon raw material: coalCoalActivated carbon raw material: coconutCoconut Activated carbon raw material: wood sawdustWood - SawdustActivated carbon raw material: peatPeat

The type of raw material selected for the production process will determine the potential activated carbon properties. The raw material will have an impact on the:

  • Pore structure;
  • Purity of the end product.

DESOTEC Activated Carbon offers a wide range of products produced from different raw materials. If you need additional information about our range of product please do not hesitate and contact us.