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The right air purification system for your industry

Air purification

Air purification DESOTEC activated carbon provides a wide range of products and filters for domestic and industrial air purification systems. They are used to meet the emission regulations, odour removal challenges, the recovery of solvents or the abatement of toxic inorganic chemicals. To further improve the performance of activated carbon for air purification, we can impregnate the activated carbon with chemicals. This results in chemisorption, which reinforces the adsorption features of the activated carbon.

Flexible air purification systems for various industrial and domestic applications

Air purification systems for your industry AIRCON® V-XL The world’s first real click-and-start industrial activated carbon filter Our air purification systems can be used in a multitude of industrial applications and markets:

  • Removal of volatile organic compounds (VOC) and hydrocarbons;
    • Paint booth (e.g. acrylate odour removal in the  automotive industry)
    • Storage tank ventilation
    • Dry cleaning
    • Solvent recovery
  • Odour control;
  • Inlet or cabin air purification and evaporative emission control (ELCD) in the automotive industry;
  • Fruit storage -  Ultra Low Oxygen (ULO);
  • Mercury, dioxin and other trace contaminants removal from incinerator flue gas;
  • Groundwater remediation (air strippers);
  • Air conditioning units and cooker hoods;
  • Waste-water treatment plants (WWTP) and pumping stations;
  • Compressor air.

DESOTEC activated carbon provides a wide range of mobile adsorbers that are used in some of these applications.  Depending on the application needs, these air purifications systems are supplied with activated carbon and/or other filtration media, for which the treatment of the used media (recycling and regeneration) is included!