DESOTEC continues to guarantee activated carbon product and solution supply to its European customers

Even though vaccination campaigns are ramping up throughout the globe, the pandemic is still holding us in its grip with several regions going through second and third COVID infection waves.  

New and extended lockdown measures continue to impose production and supply chain difficulties, amplified by volatile market dynamics and peculiar phenomena such as the Suez Canal obstruction.  

To guarantee the purification services to its customers, DESOTEC has always invested heavily in securing its supply chain for virgin activated carbon products. Having a large stock throughout our Headquarter & Hubs in Europe also ensures sufficient buffer capacity for similar short-term supply chain risks. Next to this, we focus even more on supplying circular activated carbon grades, which are produced at our local furnaces in Belgium, manufacturing our well-known high quality reactivated carbons. 

Last year, DESOTEC took into operation its fourth reactivation plant, adding 70% to its recycling and production capacity and reducing the dependency on virgin carbon. This investment makes it also possible for existing customers, using, for example, virgin activated carbon, to recycle their waste carbon products for re-usage. This eliminates both waste treatment costs and resource losses! 

All these efforts ensure that all DESOTEC customers can keep on buying activated carbon products without any disruptions whatsoever.  

Beyond this, and even during the pandemic, a record number of new customers have also benefited from these investments to mitigate their purification solution and/or activated carbon supply risk. 

If you would like any more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for your trust, and stay safe!