Desotec invests €17.6M in the expansion of its recycling facilities for industrial purification solutions in Roeselare, Belgium

Desotec expands recycling facilities for industrial purification solutions – invests in state-of-the-art reactivation plant to further enhance its efforts for a sustainable world and cleaner environment.

  • Desotec invests €17.6M in the expansion of its recycling facilities for industrial purification solutions in Roeselare, Belgium
  • New facility to offer recycled activated carbon waste streams – customers’ CO2 emission potential savings equivalent to the emissions of approximately 80,000 cars yearly
  • Desotec in Roeselare to become the largest industrial reactivation facility in Europe once a fourth reactivation plant has been finalized Roeselare, Belgium, April 2nd 2019

Desotec, a leader in industrial filtration services, today announces a €17.6M investment in the expansion of its recycling facilities for industrial purification solutions in Roeselare, Belgium, and will build an in-house developed fourth state-of-the-art reactivation plant. The plant will increase Desotec’s current capacity by 70% and will make the site the largest industrial reactivation facility in Europe. In the new facility, Desotec will be able to recycle activated carbon waste streams from customers who are incinerating or landfilling it today. Desotec’s customers will potentially save a CO2 emission equivalent to the emissions of approximately 80,000 cars per year.

The European industry is facing higher quality standards and stricter environmental requirements for the treatment of waste water and air emissions. Internal processes are also subject to stricter purification to prevent emissions across the entire production process. With Desotec’s purification solutions and services, companies will meet the environmental requirements and be able to concentrate fully on their core processes without having to invest own capital or allocate expertise. Desotec offers mobile activated carbon filters on a rental base to capture contaminants from air, gas, liquids or water. The company is the European market leader in this field, which also includes recycling of the contaminated activated carbon into reactivated carbon which can be reused in our closed loop business model, a true example of the circular economy.

The fourth reactivation plant in Roeselare will enable Desotec to further accelerate growth into new markets. The offering expands our unique solutions and services across application areas including Air purification, Biogas treatment, Water treatment, Remediation, and Chemical products purification. The new reactivation facility is expected to be operational from 2020 and heavily loaded activated carbon waste streams will be recycled into high quality reactivated carbon for Desotec’s industrial purification services.
“Desotec will recruit an additional 70 new Desotec Warriors who have the drive to fight together with all of us for a more sustainable world and cleaner environment, through our increased focus on closed loop industrial purification services” explained Mario Hertegonne, CEO at Desotec.

About Desotec
Desotec, founded in 1990, is a leading European provider of mobile filtration technology through a unique and circular service concept. Since August 2017, Desotec is part of the Swedish private equity firm EQT under which it accelerated its pan-European business growth, resulting for 2018 in a 23% sales growth to more than €65 million. Over the past 4 years, the number of mobile filters has more than doubled: from 1,000 units at the end of 2014 to more than 2,000 at the end of 2018. Desotec's customer base is constantly growing thanks to a strong focus on 24/7 service and a commitment to design and deliver the best solution in close dialogue with the customer. Through an in-depth expertise of industrial applications and continuous investment in mobile filters, centralised reactivation capacity and well-positioned European hubs, Desotec ensures that the European industry can meet the increasing regulations for a better and cleaner environment.

About EQT
EQT is a leading investment firm with more than EUR 61 billion in raised capital across 29 funds and around EUR 40 billion in assets under management. EQT funds have portfolio companies in Europe, Asia and the US with total sales of more than EUR 19 billion and approximately 110,000 employees. EQT works with portfolio companies to achieve sustainable growth, operational excellence and market leadership.
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