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Frequently Asked Questions

  • In our newest production facility we will be able to produce European-made activated carbon from high sulphur loaded spent carbon from our biogas customers. Presently, these filters are discharged at the Furnace 4 premises and then need to undergo another step of external treatment. With our new technology, we make our operations nearly 100% circular.

    By producing biogas from organic waste and agricultural residues, European countries can generate a domestic source of renewable energy. This can help diversify their energy mix and reduce reliance on imports of fossil fuels, including Russian natural gas.

  • We are committed to minimizing any possible effects and are actively engaging with the local community to address any concerns and foster positive relationships through speaking transparently about our operations.

    Our newest production facility will undergo full encapsulation, as you can see in the picture below, to eradicate even the slightest chance of dust or odour. Consequently, this will minimize any potential impact on the local community.

    Once operational, the furnace will be under continuous surveillance, consistent with all rigorous safety and cleanliness standards.

  • No! Similar to our other facilities, this chimney will emit nothing but water vapor and air – effectively, clouds!

    [See the answer on the question ‘What exactly comes out of your chimneys’ in the general section for more details].
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  • Our future expansion plans do not include constructing a sixth furnace in Roeselare. Instead, we are exploring opportunities in France to establish additional reactivation/production facilities.

  • Generation D. is on the fast track to expansion, and we're on the hunt for fresh talent, even for our newest production facility. Feeling the vibe? Explore our job listings at and become part of the DESOTEC family!