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Permits, Modifications, and Contingency Plans

Carbon Regeneration Facility in Parker, AZ

RCRA 2016 Permit Applications

Appendix I - Part A Rev1 04-2012.pdf

Appendix II Topo Maps Rev1~04~2012.pdf

Appendix III Site Diagrams Rev1~04~2012.pdf

Appendix IV WAP Rev2~03-2016.pdf

Appendix IX Tank Assessment Rev 1 ~04-2012.pdf

Appendix V RF-2 Performance Demonstration Test Plan and Report Rev1~04~2012.pdf

Appendix VI PFDs & P&IDs Rev1~04~2012.pdf

Appendix VII Storage Pad Evaluation Rev1~04-2012.pdf

Appendix VIII Container Specs Rev2~04-2012.pdf

Appendix X Equipment Drawings Rev1~04~2012.pdf

Appendix XI HHRA Report Rev1~04~2012 Complete.pdf

Appendix XII Inspection Rev2~07-2014.pdf

Appendix XIII Contingency Plan Rev3~08-2014.pdf

Appendix XIV - Training Rev1~04-2012.pdf

Appendix XIX Subpart BB Compliance Plan Rev1~ 04-2012.pdf

Appendix XV - RCRA Facility Closure Plan Rev4~06-2014.pdf

Appendix XVI RF-1 Closure Plan Rev 6~04-2012 Complete.pdf

Appendix XVII Closure Sampling & Analysis Plan Rev 2~04-2012 Complete.pdf

Appendix XVIII Financial Assurance Rev 1~04-2012.pdf

Appendix XX - Subpart CC Compliance Plan Rev6~07-2014.pdf

Appendix XXI - Records Retention Requirements Rev2~07-2014.pdf

Appendix XXII - Evoqua Startup, Shutdown and Malfunction Plan Rev1~06-2014.pdf

Appendix XXIII - Subpart FF Compliance Plan Rev9~03-2014.pdf

Section A - Part A Rev1~04-2012.pdf

Section B - Facility Description Rev1~04-2012.pdf

Section C - Carbon Characteristics Rev1~04-2012.pdf

Section D - Process Info Rev1~04-2012.pdf

Section E - Groundwater Rev1~04-2012.pdf

Section F - Proc to Prevent Haz Rev2~7-2014.pdf

Section G - Contingency Rev3~08-2014.pdf

Section H - Training Rev1~04-2012.pdf

Section I - Closure Rev2~06-2014.pdf

Section J - SWMU-HWMU-AOC Rev4~12-2014.pdf

Section K - Other Fed Laws Rev1~04-2012.pdf

Section L - Certification Rev3~04-2016.pdf

Section M - Subpart AA Rev1~04-2012.pdf

Section N - Subpart BB Rev1~04-2012.pdf

Section O - Subpart CC Rev2~07-2014.pdf

Section P - Exposure Info Rev1~04-2012.pdf

Section Q - Subpart FF Rev1~03-2014.pdf

RCRA 2018 Final Permit Modules

RCRA Final Permit Attachments

001Permit Attachment Section A - Part A 2018 09.pdf

002Permit Attachment Section B - Facility Description 2018 09.pdf

003Permit Attachment Section C - Carbon Characteristics 2018 09.pdf

004Permit Attachment Section D - Process Info 2018 09.pdf

005Permit Attachment Section E - Groundwater 2018 09.pdf

006Permit Attachment Section F- Procedures to Prevent Haz 2018 09.pdf

007Permit Attachment Section G - Contingency 2018 09.pdf

008Permit Attachment Section H - Training 2018 09.pdf

009Permit Attachment Section I - Closure 2018 09.pdf

010Permit Attachment Section J - SWMU-HWMU-AOC 2018 09.pdf

011Permit Attachment Section K - Other Fed Laws 2018 09.pdf

012Permit Attachment Section L - Certification 2018 09.pdf

013Permit Attachment Section M - Subpart AA 2018 09.pdf

014Permit Attachment Section N - Subpart BB 2018 09.pdf

015Permit Attachment Section O - Subpart CC 2018 09.pdf

016Permit Attachment Section P - Exposure Info 2018 09.pdf

017Permit Attachment Section Q - Subpart FF Comp Plan 2018 09.pdf

018Permit Attachment Appendix I - Part A 2018 09.pdf

019Permit Attachment Appendix II Topo Maps 2018 09.pdf

020Permit Attachment Appendix III Site Diagrams 2018 09.pdf

021Permit Attachment Appendix IV WAP 2018 09.pdf

022Permit Attachment Appendix V PDT Work Plan and Report 2018 09.pdf

023Permit Attachment Appendix VI PFDs & P&IDs 2018 09.pdf

024Permit Attachment Appendix VII Storage Pad Evaluation 2018 09.pdf

025Permit Attachment Appendix VIII Container Specs 2018 09.pdf

026Permit Attachment Appendix IX Tank Assessment 2018 09.pdf

027Permit Attachment Appendix X Equipment Drawings 2018 09.pdf

028Permit Attachment Appendix XI HHERA Executive Summary 2018 09.pdf

029Permit Attachment Appendix XII Inspection 2018 09.pdf

030Permit Attachment Appendix XIII Contingency Plan 2018 09.pdf

031Permit Attachment Appendix XIV - Training 2018 09.pdf

032Permit Attachment Appendix XV - RCRA Facility Closure Plan 2018 09.pdf

033Permit Attachment Appendix XVI RF-1 Closure Plan 2018 09.pdf

034Permit Attachment Appendix XVII Closure Sampling & Analysis Plan 2018 09.pdf

035Permit Attachment Appendix XVIII Financial Assurance 2018 09.pdf

036Permit Attachment Appendix XIX Subpart BB Comp Plan 2018 09.pdf

037Permit Attachment Appendix XX Subpart CC Comp Plan 2018 09.pdf

038Permit Attachment Appendix XXI - Records Retention Reqts 2018 09.pdf

039Permit Attachment Appendix XXII - SSMP 2018 09.pdf

040Permit Attachment Appendix XXIII Subpart FF Comp Plan 2018 09.pdf

041Permit Exhibit I 2018 09 18.pdf

Inspection Report - March 2015

Inspection Report - April 2018

Permit Modifications