Fenice Energia, part of the DESOTEC family.

DESOTEC integrates F3 Fenice Energia’s Activated Carbon business in Italy

We are glad to announce that an agreement has been signed for the integration of the activated carbon business from F3 Fenice Energia, the Italian (bio)gas cogeneration specialist. Following a period of successful partnership between both companies in Italy, F3 Fenice Energia now adds local market knowledge, technical sales force and know-how as well as superior customer service to the Group’s youngest branch, DESOTEC Italia.

This agreement fits perfectly with DESOTEC’s expansive growth strategy. Operating from its logistics hub in North Central Italy, DESOTEC Italia now has a solid base to accelerate its growth in the supply of mobile activated carbon filtration solutions for air emission and waste water treatment, biogas and chemicals purification and soil remediation, in one of Europe’s industrial core zones.