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For purifying air emissions, wastewater, or process liquids, your cosmetics or detergents company needs a partner who shares your high standards. Desotec full-service mobile filtration solutions will tackle your emissions, thus improving your sustainability and product quality.

Cosmetics and detergents: COD and industrial wastewater treatment

Purifying wastewater from cosmetics and detergent applications is essential to protect aquatic life, preserve the human food chain, and maintain the beauty of Europe’s waterways. Compounds commonly found in this type of wastewater include parabens, microplastics, lead, sulfates, surfactants and foaming agents. Some are known to accumulate in the environment, such as the preservative butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT) used in moisturisers, and the antibacterial triclosan found in laundry detergents. Some are also odorous. Together, these compounds are measured as chemical oxygen demand (COD). Desotec’s mobile sustainable filters bring down COD levels, working either as a standalone technology or in combination with other techniques as a pre-treatment or polishing step. After filtration, water is safe for discharge to municipal wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs), saving your company the cost of specialist disposal. To boost sustainability and cost-effectiveness further, the purified water may also be reused for your industrial processes (e.g., cooling, washing, etc.).


VOCs and air emissions abatement for cosmetics and detergents

The manufacture of many cosmetics and detergents also produces air emissions that require treatment. Perfumes, deodorants, and hair sprays are among the beauty products that emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) during manufacture and application. Desotec’s mobile filters are the simple and sustainable answer, reducing VOCs to protect air quality. Our full-service solution includes purification needs analysis, helping you put the optimal filtration set-up in place.

While fragrances for cosmetics are generally enjoyable at a low level, they can be overwhelming at very high concentrations. Desotec filters treat these odorous molecules, ensuring that your site is a pleasant place to work and maintaining good relations with your local community.

To preserve our natural ecosystems, it’s important to reduce the environmental impact of the cosmetics and detergents industry. With Desotec’s simple and sustainable mobile air and water filtration solutions, your company can comply with regulations and boost its reputation as a green business.

Cosmetics and detergents: purifying process liquids

Besides making human skin look perfect, cosmetics must be perfectly safe on human skin. So, it’s vital that all products used in cosmetics meet stringent purity standards. Desotec’s activated carbon filters remove impurities in process liquids, such as unwanted colours, odours, or potentially harmful compounds. A typical example is glycerin, which is derived from vegetable oils. During purification, Desotec’s filters remove colours and odours to create pharmaceutical grade glycerin. As our filters are mobile and supplied on a rental basis, they are ideal for temporary problems as well as long-term usage.

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Desotec sustainable mobile filtration solutions

Cosmetics and detergents producers must meet high standards and increasingly strict legislations. Desotec makes it simple. By partnering with us, you are future-proofing your business. Our activated carbon filters are mobile and modular, so set-ups can be altered if regulations or production needs change. They are adaptable, being able to treat a range of flow rates, components, and concentrations. Our full-service solution includes filtration waste handling. Spent carbon is transported away from customers’ sites in closed units, guaranteeing a dust-free environment. All molecules are destroyed in Desotec’s furnaces and the carbon is reactivated wherever possible, saving costs and boosting sustainability.

Desotec filters have been very effective in purifying our wastewater. Thanks to this simple but effective set-up, we’re now in compliance with environmental limits.

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Our mobile and modular purification service makes it simple to go green. Sustainable waste handling and 24/7 support are included, so you can focus on production.


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