Agriculture and Farming

Whether you’re a farmer or a major agricultural business, you can contribute to a more sustainable usage of our natural resources. Desotec is the partner you can trust for reducing odour emissions, purifying wastewater, and treating biogas and process liquids.

Treating agricultural air emissions and odours

The agricultural and food sectors are at the heart of rural communities. Odour removal is a key concern for many businesses. As legislation becomes stricter and urban areas sprawl, more agricultural firms are facing odour complaints from neighbours and potential fines from the authorities. Slaughterhouses, pet food and animal feed factories, and pesticide and fertiliser production facilities are among the sectors seeking industrial odour control solutions.

Desotec filters remove odorous molecules such as ammonia (NH3) found in animal urine and manure, amine smells from fish oil production, and mercaptans at abattoirs. Our swift delivery enables your company to quickly address smell complaints while keeping air fresh and community relations harmonious.


Wastewater treatment services

The agricultural and feed production sectors play an important role in protecting the human food chain and our environment.

Run-off or wastewater contaminated with pesticides may contain persistent organic pollutants (POPs) and other substances of very high concern (SVHC). These must be removed to protect human health and aquatic life.

Wastewater from production and cleaning processes in the food and feed sector may contain residues of agricultural chemicals or chlorinated cleaning substances. These are measured as adsorbable organic halides (AOX), for which activated carbon filtration is recognised as a Best Available Technique (BAT). Treatment also reduces chemical oxygen demand (COD) levels to keep waterways thriving.

Desotec’s mobile water treatment services handle a range of flow rates and concentrations, ensuring the safe discharge or reuse of your wastewater, boosting your company’s sustainability.

Farmers are the stewards of nature, providing us with food and connecting us to the land. Desotec’s simple and sustainable mobile filtration solutions help the agricultural sector go healthier and greener, protecting our environment and rural communities.

Purifying process gases and liquids in the agricultural sector

Many farms are now aiding the transition to renewable energy by installing technology to convert agricultural by-products into biogas and biomethane. Desotec filters purify these gas streams, enabling you to produce high quality fuels and therefore diversify your farm’s income .

Our water filters are also installed in animal feed and human food supplement factories to remove impurities from process liquids, resulting in higher quality products. Desotec supplies mobile activated carbon filtrations services to producers of fish oils and amino acids, among other products.

How we help you

Desotec sustainable mobile filtration solutions

Nobody understands our land better than farmers and food producers. Desotec lets you focus on what you do best by providing full-service mobile activated carbon solutions for treating air and water.

Available for rental, our filters require little upfront investment. Also, they are modular, so it’s easy to scale them up or down to meet changing needs. They’re highly efficient for intermittent flows too.

All filtration waste is transported safely away from your site in closed units. Contaminants are destroyed in accordance with national and EU legislation, and carbon is reactivated wherever possible. This circular system boosts your sustainability, ensuring a greener Europe for future generations.

Desotec supported us with the engineering and supply of our air purification system. This allowed us to capture odours and prevent emissions to our neighbours.

Our filtration solutions

Plug & Play

Our mobile and modular purification service makes it simple to go green. Sustainable waste handling and 24/7 support are included, so you can focus on production. 

Our filtration solutions