Industrial cleaning & maintenance

Industrial cleaning and maintenance services have to work quickly yet thoroughly, often dealing with unexpected components in air emissions or wastewater. Desotec is ready to help you with mobile sustainable filtration solutions that minimise hassle for you and production downtime for your clients.

Activated carbon filtration for industrial cleaning and maintenance

Industrial services companies tackle all sorts of crucial cleaning and maintenance jobs, but often need support with treating the resulting waste. Desotec has the answers: versatile and simple full-service solutions that cover everything, from filtration needs analysis to waste handling.

Activated carbon can remove a range of contaminants, purifying air emissions and wastewater for safe discharge. These components include both residues of chemicals used in industrial processes, and those found in cleaning, disinfecting, and degreasing fluids.

Our mobile filters also provide a temporary back-up where a permanent installation, such as a regenerative thermal oxidiser (RTO), is undergoing maintenance. Their small footprint allows them to fit around existing equipment and they can start working immediately.

Desotec solutions may be written into maintenance plans or installed at a moment’s notice.


Wastewater treatment for a greener environment

During the industrial cleaning process, it’s essential to keep the cleanliness of the environment in mind too. Desotec’s mobile water treatment services are the simple solution.

Cleaning products are often chlorinated, resulting in wastewater that contains harmful adsorbable organic halides (AOX). By purifying wastewater from AOX and chemical oxygen demand (COD) before discharge, Desotec’s sustainable mobile filters protect both human health and the natural environment.

Some maintenance processes use fluorescent fluids to highlight microcracks. This produces coloured wastewater that is harmless but looks alarming. Desotec filters remove the organic compounds which cause the coloration, so the water can be sent to a wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) or discharged safely. This keeps our natural environment safe, clean, and good-looking for all to enjoy.

Cleaning and maintenance services are essential in industry, protecting product purity and extending the lifespans of equipment. Where wastewater or air emissions present an environmental or health risk, your company can turn to Desotec’s mobile sustainable filtration services with confidence.

Air purification to control odours and protect our health and environment

During the cleaning process, tanks, reactors, and other equipment may be opened, releasing vapours. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and solvents are some of the most common components emitted in this case. Cleaning substances may also give off fumes, which are likely to contain chlorinated compounds.

VOCs, solvents, and other chemicals also have environmental impacts. Plus, treatment may be necessary on health grounds. Hydrogen sulfide (H₂S), for example, is both toxic and carcinogenic. Desotec sustainable mobile filters allow your workforce to continue their essential jobs safely.

Many VOCs and solvents are odorous, so Desotec mobile sustainable filters keep the air fresh-smelling while work is underway.

How we help you

Desotec sustainable mobile filtration solutions

Busy industrial services companies need partners to take the strain. Desotec offers full-service solutions based around active carbon filtration.

Our filters are mobile, supplied on a rental basis, and have a small footprint. In other words, they’re ideal for temporary usage. On top of that, Desotec filters are plug-and-play, so you don’t need any expertise to run them (our experts are on hand 24/7).

We transport filtration waste in closed units away from your clients’ sites, which guarantees that facilities in sectors such as pharma and food remain dust-free and pristine. All molecules are destroyed and, where possible, carbon is reactivated, giving you a circular solution that boosts sustainability for you and your client.

Desotec filters have been very effective in purifying our wastewater. Thanks to this simple but effective set-up, we’re now in compliance with environmental limits.

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Plug & Play

Mobile, modular industrial filtration that lets you focus on your business. Sustainable waste handling and round-the-clock support are included for a hassle-free service.  

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