Food production

Whether your company is looking to reduce odours, boost food quality, or protect the environment, DESOTEC is here for you. Our simple and sustainable filters handle volatile organic compound (VOC), chemical oxygen demand (COD), and other unwanted components in air emissions, wastewater, and process liquids, so you can focus on producing nutritious food and feed.

Air emissions and odour removal in the food sector

Food production has a considerable environmental impact, so it’s vital that companies take action to minimise the effects they have on our planet. By installing DESOTEC filters, you can bring down your VOC levels, keeping air quality high and protecting our environment.  

Naturally, odours are a key area of concern for the food and feed production sectors, particularly for facilities located near residential areas. Slaughterhouses, pet food and animal feed factories, fish processing, and onion processing are frequently cause of odour complaints. Even industrial baking, beer brewing, coffee roasting, and powdered drink processing produce smells which are unpleasant at high concentrations. DESOTEC can provide you with food odour control systems: activated carbon filters that reduce odorous molecules released by raw materials and food processing, including mercaptans, amine smells, ammonia (NH3), dihydrogen sulfide (H₂S), and dimethyl sulfide (DMS).  

With a small footprint, DESOTEC filters can easily fit crowded sites to treat emissions from several sources, including production lines, vents from food storage tanks, and truck loading bays. As legislations around VOC and odour emissions are becoming more stringent, installing our modular solutions now will future-proof your business.  


Mobile food wastewater treatment

DESOTEC filters also treat wastewater from food processing industry, protecting our waterways and sparing your company the cost of specialist disposal. Such wastewater may contain traces of compounds found in food as well as chlorinated cleaning products. Activated carbon filtration brings down COD and treats adsorbable organic halides (AOX) in your wastewater, ensuring it’s fit for discharge. Increasingly, green-minded companies are finding ways to reuse this water for their own processes (e.g., cooling, washing, etc.), boosting sustainability and cost-effectiveness.  

Food production in Europe is not just about nourishment. It’s about our culture, society, and environment too. DESOTEC is the purification partner your company can trust to help you protect our health, our communities, and our planet.

Food process liquids purification

DESOTEC’s mobile sustainable filters also remove impurities from process liquids, leaving high quality food products which are fit for human consumption. Such process liquids include: amino acids for animal feed, human food, and health supplements, fish oils, and glycerin. DESOTEC’s activated carbon filters remove the nitrogen-rich molecules and other compounds responsible for unwanted colours and odours in these liquids, adding value to your products.

How we help you

DESOTEC mobile filters: a simple, effective, and sustainable solution

Food producers need purification partners who share their commitment to environmental protection and high quality standards. DESOTEC is ready to help you with simple and sustainable air and water filtration solutions.

Our mobile filters are supplied on a rental basis, so it’s easy to alter set-ups if needs or legislation change. They also handle a range of flow rates, components, and concentrations.

As part of our full-service solution, filtration waste is transported in closed filters to our facilities, leaving your site dust-free. Adsorbed molecules are destroyed, and carbon is reactivated for reuse wherever possible. That boosts your business profitability and sustainability.

DESOTEC supported us with the engineering and supply of our air purification system. This allowed us to capture odours and prevent emissions to our neighbours.

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Flexible, mobile and modular filtration solutions with sustainable waste handling and 24/7 support. With DESOTEC by your side, it’s easy to go green. 

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