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Industrial/chemical process purification systems

Industrial/chemical process purification systems

Industrial/chemical process purification systems DESOTEC activated carbon supplies purification systems in several industrial processes at petrochemical, chemical and pharmaceutical plants like:

  • Intermediate product purification
  • By-product purification
  • Off spec product purification
  • Final product purification
  • Catalyst and catalyst carrier

Our industrial purification systems provide solutions for:

  • MOBICON® 1000 PE, MOBICON® 2000 G5 and MOBICON® G5 for hydrochloric acid purification
  • Colour and other contaminants removal
  • Crystallisation yield improvement
  • Fermentation process enhancement by removing certain impurities
  • Catalysts recovery (Rhodium (Rh), Palladium (Pd),...)

Industrial purification systems for various applications

DESOTEC activated carbon developed a range of mobile adsorbers that are used in some of these applications.  Depending on the application, they are supplied with activated carbon and/or other media, including the treatment of the used media.

Table 1: Some markets or applications, served by our industrial purification systems
Adipic acid Amino Acids Purification Caprolactam Contrast liquids DEA (Diethanolamine) Fumaric acid Hydrochloric acid Maleic acid PantaerytritolPhosphoric acid Steroids Vitamins Industrial catalyst applications
  • Cyanuric chloride production
  • Phosgene production and destruction

and many others…

In need of an efficient purification system for your industry? DESOTEC activated carbon provides you with high-end solutions and services. Get in touch! Contact us for more info on industrial process purification.