Fast solution to a brewery odour problem.

Desotec Aircon

Odour problems can thoroughly upset the relationship between a company and its neighbours. A fast and vigorous approach to odour nuisance is accordingly essential. Such problems are immediately eliminated with our mobile AIRCON filters filled with the right activated carbon.

A well-known Belgian brewery recently invested in a brand-new biological water treatment installation. This purification process also causes the origination of organic sulphur compounds and hydrogen sulphide (H2S), substances that you can already smell at very low concentrations. An air scrubber was also built into the water treatment installation to prevent the emission of unpleasant odours. The surrounding area did still suffer from odour nuisance, however.

Although the odour emissions from the brewery did not exceed the technical environmental standards, the beer producer still wanted to do all it could to restore the good relationship with the people living in the vicinity. They therefore approached a consultancy which carried out an odour study including detailed measurements.

The brewery then contacted Desotec to get an efficient solution to the problem. The following day, on a Friday, we already visited the site to analyse the situation and look at the results of the odour study. Based on our findings we already offered the company a quotation several hours later, that was immediately approved.

The solution we opted for was a mobile active carbon filter and two carefully selected types of activated carbon, specially developed for the purification of air and gases. A mere three days after approval of the quotation we went and installed the AIRCON at the customer. The air flow containing sulphur compounds is taken over an active carbon bed. The powerful working of the system ensures that the sulphur compounds are fully removed from the air flow, so there is no longer an odour problem and the company could restore its good relationship with the people living in the vicinity.

This rented solution works permanently and is perfectly affordable to the customer. As soon as the active carbon has become saturated, we replace the mobile filter with another. Depending on the sulphur load we can reactivate the active carbon in our production processes or dispose of it at a specialised waste processor.

The approach to this challenge again illustrates how we respond at great speed and quickly and efficiently rise to the challenges at our customers.