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Recycling and reactivation of activated carbon

Our comprehensive package of services also includes taking back and recycling spent activated carbon and other filtration media. Our recycling and treatment options are as follows:

  1. Recycling saturated activated carbon by thermal reactivation. During this process the activated carbon is recycled into a high-quality reusable product and the adsorbed organic substances are destroyed thermally and by means of chemical scrubbing.
  2. Energy recovery from spent activated carbon or other carbon-bearing media.
  3. In rare cases where spent material cannot be reactivated or energy cannot be recovered from it, DESOTEC will provide for proper elimination of the spent material.

DESOTEC has the requisite permits for this type of operation and can also take responsibility for transporting the material across international borders. We reactivate spent activated carbon in our high-tech reactivation kilns in Roeselare, Belgium.