Purification with mobile activated carbon filters

Remediation treatment

Soil and/or groundwater may be contaminated anywhere there is or has been industrial activity. It often involves historic contamination, which dates back long before there was any question of enforceable environmental legislation.

These contaminated areas are treated step by step, making them suitable for re-use or change of use. This often requires complex remediation techniques.

DESOTEC’s mobile activated carbon filters are ideally suited for this and are therefore frequently deployed as part of the remediation process.

DESOTEC has built up extensive experience over the years throughout Europe and has developed specific types of filters in response to market demand.

DESOTEC does not carry out the remediation itself, but supplies the remediation contractor with a full service in respect of activated carbon and waste recycling. With remediation we mean cleaning up historic contamination, as well as cleaning up disasters on the spot, such as an overturned fuel oil tanker, a leaking petroleum pipeline or treating fire water following a conflagration on an industrial site.

DESOTEC currently supplies mobile filter systems in the whole of Europe for various types of remediation, cleaning up landfill sites, rehabilitating petrochemical sites, remediation of a former creosoting facility, etc.


In our e-book you can learn more about our remediation solutions using mobile activated carbon filters from DESOTEC.




DESOTEC offers different types of activated carbon for remediation applications:

  • Granular activated carbon of different qualities for the removal of organic pollutions in water and air.
  • Powdered activated carbon to be used for immobilisation and stabilisation of pollution in soil.
  • Extruded activated carbon of different qualities for the removal of organic pollutions in gasphase.

Specifically for remediation applications, DESOTEC has developed a fleet of mobile filters, treating up to 100m³/h for watertreatment and up to 55.000m³/h for airtreatment. Filters also designed to efficently handle all different types of pollutions.The use of mobile filters offers several advantages to the user:

  • An easy to use and compact solution.
  • Plug-and-Play.
  • Small and compact units designed to treat a broad range of flows and concentrations.
  • The filters are offered with daily rental contracts. No capex facility is needed.
  • On site representative piloting.
  • No maintenance cost.
  • Continuous new developments and improvements.

DESOTEC offers recycling solutions for spent activated carbon coming from remediation in its own furnaces and other recovery facilities.