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Complex land remediation projects involving multiple companies require simple, adaptable, and rapid purification solutions. DESOTEC’s mobile filtration services are ideal for short and long-term use, purifying air emissions and polluted groundwater effectively and sustainably so your soil remediation project can proceed on track.

Remediating contaminated land: a major challenge

Around the world, former industrial sites are being earmarked for new building projects. The legacy of industrial activity, however, such as oil spills, often means that the land requires remediation first.

Legislation is generally becoming stricter. In many countries, construction companies must now treat any components they find. This holds up complex building projects until a rapid remediation solution is installed.

DESOTEC has the answers, supplying contractors with mobile sustainable filtration solutions to treat air emissions or contaminated groundwater associated with soil remediation.

Most unwanted components at brownfield sites are organic, which are easily treated using DESOTEC activated carbon filtration. These components include mineral oils, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, and xylene (BTEX), adsorbable organic halides (AOX), and persistent organic pollutants (POPs) such as per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS).


Purifying Air Emissions from Land Remediation

DESOTEC has a range of filters to handle the various flow rates and concentrations resulting from the various types of soil remediation processes. Where soil is excavated for ex-situ treatment, our filters can be installed in tents to treat emissions released during digging. The filters are a cost-effective way to handle large flow rates and are designed to allow for a low pressure drop, thus saving energy. A different filter model can be installed at the treatment facility itself to handle lower flow rates but far higher concentrations.

Vapor extraction processes can also be carried out on-site, such as for contaminated land at a site still in use. The ground is treated thermally to turn the components into gases, producing very high concentrations that used to be hard to treat. DESOTEC rose to the challenge, developing its AIRCON HC-XL filter especially for this purpose.

Purifying the land and groundwater from past industrial activity is essential to ensure a cleaner environment for future generations. DESOTEC is here to help, supplying sustainable mobile activated carbon filtration solutions that complement site remediation techniques.

Remediation of Groundwater Contamination for a Cleaner Environment

Where groundwater requires purification, pump-and-treat techniques are widely used. Groundwater is pumped to the surface, treated, then either injected back into the soil or discharged. Components are installed underground hydraulically to preserve the surrounding land.

DESOTEC provides mobile water filters to treat the extracted polluted groundwater. These filters are able to handle large flow rates and varying concentrations of components. Activated carbon adsorbs the contaminants, allowing for the safe return or disposal of the groundwater.

How We Help You

DESOTEC Sustainable Mobile Filtration Solutions

DESOTEC’s full-service solutions take the pressure off busy construction companies. Our filters are mobile, plug-and-play, and supplied on a rental basis, making them ideal for short-term or urgent purification needs.

With their small footprint, our installations fit into crowded sites. We have also developed filter safety features for use in areas with high concentrations of components to protect workers and equipment.

DESOTEC removes all filtration waste from your site, destroying all components. Most spent carbon can be reactivated, boosting your company’s sustainability and helping you contribute to build a safer and greener construction industry.

DESOTEC’s expertise helped us deal with a soil and groundwater contamination issue. Their remediation knowledge was essential for making the project a success.

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Our mobile and modular purification service makes it easy to go green. Sustainable waste handling and 24/7 support are included, so you can focus on production.

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