Steel and Metal Industry

By taking action to remove volatile organic compounds (VOCs), chemical oxygen demand (COD), and other compounds from their air emissions and wastewater, heavy industries can tread more lightly on the planet. DESOTEC is the wastewater and air emissions purification partner you can trust, with simple and sustainable full-service filtration solutions that future-proof your business and protect the world in which we live.

Environmental Emissions Limits in Metal Manufacturing

Many compounds released during steel and metal manufacturing processes require treatment to protect our health, keep our air fresh-smelling, and preserve our natural environment.

To reduce steel and metal production pollution, environmental authorities are increasingly tightening their emission limits. DESOTEC’s modular, mobile, and sustainable filters can help your company comply with these regulations, thus ensuring your business continuity.


Mobile Wastewater Treatment in the Steel and Metal Industry

Several steel and metal production processes result in wastewater that requires purification. Process waters from the production of rolled aluminum or the galvanization of steel can contain non-ionic surfactants and detergents, measured as COD, and even very hazardous polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAH). Rinsing waters and rainwater run-off can contain similar compounds.

DESOTEC’s activated carbon filters reduce such compounds to extremely low levels, either as a standalone treatment or in combination with other technologies such as sand filters. After treatment, wastewater is fit for reuse or can be sent to wastewater treatment plants (WWTP), eliminating the need for expensive specialist disposal.

The metal and steel industries underpin the industry, but their emission treatment plays a key role in conserving our environment. DESOTEC is ready to help with simple and sustainable mobile filtration solutions to purify air and water.

Air emission control in steel manufacturing

Emissions from annealing and cold mill processes are likely to contain VOCs, which must be removed for environmental and health reasons. Packaging lines and paint booths are also common sources of VOC emissions. PAH and benzene can also be found in the gaseous stream. These components have serious health and environmental effects. Additionally, cooling processes often release hydrogen sulfide (H₂S) and sulfur oxides (SOx).

Many of these compounds are strong-smelling. Odor removal is important for health and safety reasons and to maintain harmonious relations with the local community.

DESOTEC’s mobile activated carbon filters provide simple and sustainable answers to all these issues. These filters can be used as standalone treatments or in combination with other technologies as a pretreatment or polishing step. Because our setups are modular, they can be expanded or altered to meet evolving production needs or increasingly stringent legislation. Filter replacement is quick and easy, minimizing production downtime for your company.

How We Help You

DESOTEC Sustainable Mobile Filters

Your steel or metal company needs a purification partner you can rely on. At DESOTEC, we take pride in our full-service sustainable solutions for VOC removal, odor control, and industrial wastewater treatment. Our mobile water and air filters handle a range of flow rates, concentrations, and components. DESOTEC engineers are on standby 24/7 to provide support.

Safe and sustainable waste handling is part of our service. All filtration waste is transported away from customers’ sites to DESOTEC facilities, where adsorbed molecules are destroyed and carbon is reactivated wherever possible. This circular process saves you money and helps you reach your green goals.

DESOTEC supported us with the engineering and supply of our air purification system. This enabled us to reduce VOC emissions below legal limits.

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Mobile, modular industrial filtration that lets you focus on your business. Sustainable waste handling and around-the-clock support are included for a hassle-free service.

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