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Emissions from the degassing, loading, unloading, and venting of trucks, barges, and storage tanks require treatment to keep volatile organic compounds (VOCs) low and air in the neighborhood fresh-smelling. Desotec’s sustainable mobile filtration systems ensure that your company can comply with emission limits and maintain good relations with neighboring residents.

Air Emissions in the Transport and Logistics Industry

Trucks, ships, and barges are essential to keep the industry moving, safely transporting liquid loads such as pesticides and fertilizers, oil derivatives, or specialty chemicals. These loads can be transported to tanks for secure storage. Air emissions from these cargoes contain VOCs that must be removed to preserve good air quality. Even when the VOCs level is below the limits, low concentrations of certain molecules such as hydrogen sulfide (H₂S), alkanes, acrylate, or styrene can cause odor nuisances. Vapors can also include compounds such as benzene and naphtha that require treatment to protect workers’ health and the environment. Desotec’s sustainable mobile filtration solutions treat all of these pollutants and many more, making them ideal for transport and logistics companies handling liquid goods for a range of clients.


VOC and H₂S Removal from Trucks and Barges

The loading, unloading, and degassing of trucks, ships, and barges is often a very smelly business! By connecting truck loading bays to a ventilation and treatment system, your company can remove VOCs, H₂S, and hydrocarbons. Odor control will enable you to maintain harmonious community relations and stay on the right side of the authorities. Desotec’s simple plug-and-play solutions are quick to install and ideal for situations in which treatment is required intermittently. Our filters handle varying flow rates and concentrations, enabling them to be used at various stages of the transportation process. At dockside facilities, vapors from ships and barges can be piped to treatment centers some distance away. Mobile filters from Desotec can be placed much closer, cutting the capital costs of pipelines. In addition, their small footprint enables them to fit into crowded ports.

The transport and logistics industry is getting into gear for a cleaner future. Desotec will help your company on its journey, supplying full-service mobile sustainable filtration solutions to treat emissions from chemical loads during transportation and storage.

Treating Air Emissions from Vented Storage Tanks

Vapors released during the filling, emptying, or venting of storage tanks can be channeled to an extraction system and treated by Desotec filters. Our Aircon 2000 C filter has been specially developed for the efficient treatment of very low flow rates from vented tanks. Desotec engineers can design efficient systems incorporating fans, dust filters, dehumidifiers, and safety equipment that protect workers and the environment, as well as ensuring fresh-smelling air for your neighbors.

How We Help You

Desotec Sustainable Mobile Filtration Solutions

At Desotec, we’re proud to partner with transport and logistics companies. Activated carbon is particularly efficient and cost-effective for discontinuous applications, which are common in this industry. Additionally, our mobile rental filters can be installed quickly in urgent situations.

Safe filtration waste management is a key element of our full-service solution. All spent carbon is transported away from customers’ sites in closed filter units and taken to Desotec’s facilities, where we have the equipment and expertise to handle this spent carbon properly. Wherever possible, carbon is reactivated, driving down customer costs and helping transportation and logistics companies reach their green goals.

The Desotec team has been helpful. They guided us toward the most effective solution for our air emissions problem. Filters were installed quickly and functional.

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