​​​Chemical industry

Today’s chemical companies are striving to reach ambitious green goals, protect the health of their workforce and local community, and produce chemicals that meet the highest purity standards. Desotec’s simple and sustainable mobile filtration solutions help them accomplish all these tasks in a cost-effective manner.

Purification in the chemical industry

Europe’s chemical sector is a pillar of our society and economy. It supplies consumer chemicals, petrochemicals, basic inorganics, and special chemicals such as crop protection substances, inks and paints, plastics, and synthetics. 

Desotec’s sustainable filtration solutions support chemical producers in: 

  • Meeting the terms of operating licences by protecting the environment and human health. 
  • Creating a more hygienic environment for workers and ensuring a fresh-smelling air for neighbours. 
  • Adding value by purifying chemical streams and by-products. 

Our filters can be installed or exchanged in half-an-hour, minimising costly downtime. With a small footprint, they fit wherever needed. Plus, being mobile and available for rental makes them ideal both for temporary and permanent usage. 


Purifying wastewater and process waters from the chemical industry

By installing Desotec filters at your plant to reduce VOC emissions from solvent-based adhesives, paints, inks, and coatings, your company will protect human health and the environment.

Common sources of VOC emissions where filters may be placed include: spraying, painting and drying booths, truck loading and unloading, and storage tank vents. Our filters can handle discontinuous emissions and peaks in concentrations.

Each site has a permitted emissions limit, often around 50 mgC/m³. As legislation is expected to become tighter over the coming years, your company should take VOC removal and industrial odour control action now to future-proof your business.

Chemical companies are the backbone of industry, providing other sectors with quality raw materials. Desotec’s full-service mobile and sustainable solutions make it simple to filter out components from chemical streams, by-products, air emissions, and wastewater.

Purifying air emissions from the chemical industry

Chemical producers around Europe have long recognised the effectiveness of Desotec’s mobile activated carbon filters. Some are even replacing existing technology such as scrubbers and regenerative thermal oxidisers (RTOs) with our plug-and-play sustainable solutions. 

Our mobile filters treat air emissions from different sources, including vented storage tanks, cleaning and maintenance processes, and production halls. 

Activated carbon filtration removes a wide range of compounds in the chemical industry. These include: compounds from flue gases and burning processes, such as dioxins and hydrochloric acids, solvents such as bromopropane, polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) such as naphthalene, and aromatic hydrocarbons such as styrene. 

How we help you

Desotec sustainable mobile filtration solutions

Desotec is proud to supply chemical companies with full-service, sustainable filtration solutions that make it simple to meet your production targets and green goals.

Our filters require no upfront investment as they’re supplied on a rental basis for permanent and temporary projects. Set-ups are flexible and modular, so if your production changes, we’ll adapt them to suit it.

Waste handling is part of our service. We transport all filtration waste in closed units away from your site. Adsorbed molecules are destroyed, and carbon is reactivated for reuse wherever possible. This circular approach is cost-effective and sustainable, protecting your business profits and our planet.

The mobile filters from Desotec helped us tackle an urgent purification need. They’ve been very helpful.

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Flexible, mobile and modular filtration solutions with sustainable waste handling and 24/7 support. With Desotec by your side, it’s easy to go green. 

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