Construction and Engineering

Throughout the construction and engineering industry, companies need reliable and sustainable solutions to meet increasingly stringent limits on air emissions, wastewater, as well as on soil and groundwater quality. Desotec full-service activated carbon filtration solutions help make complex construction projects more sustainable and enable these projects to run smoothly.

Purification Services in the Construction Industry

Sustainable construction is a complex industry with a lengthy value chain. Desotec offers simple purification solutions for various stages: the land and groundwater remediation, the treatment of manufacturing air emissions and wastewater, and the purification of emissions from construction activities. Our filters enable companies to meet limits on volatile organic compounds (VOCs), keeping air quality high and odors low. They also help companies protect our environment by reducing pollution in wastewater and groundwater measured as chemical oxygen demand (COD). Additionally, Desotec filters enables your company to meet strict limits on specific chemicals with high environmental or health impacts.


Removing VOCs During Building Materials Manufacturing

The production of paints, coatings, bitumen roofing, insulation materials, and plastics release VOCs. Many of these substances are odorous, including polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAH). Emissions can also contain compounds such as benzene that must be removed to protect air quality and the health of site workers. Wastewater from manufacturing and cleaning processes could require purification of chlorinated compounds and traces of process chemicals. Desotec filters are the simple answer. Installation and exchange is swift and easy, requiring no production downtime. Because our system is modular, filters can be added or removed as your manufacturing requirements change or legislation is tightened.

New buildings must be fit for a greener future. This means being situated on remediated land and constructed using eco-friendly materials and processes. Desotec is here to help, with sustainable mobile filtration solutions that protect our health and our environment.

Purifying Emissions from Land and Groundwater Remediation

At former or current industrial sites, historic leaks and spills can contaminate groundwater and soil. Contaminants include: phenols, such as from creosote, persistent organic pollutants (POPs), per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), halogenated hydrocarbons, and chlorinated compounds measured as adsorbable organic halogens (AOX). Desotec’s mobile activated carbon air filters purify vapors released by the thermal treatment of soil. In addition, our water filters treat extracted groundwater, rendering it safe for discharge. Desotec filters have a small footprint, thus fitting into crowded construction sites. The filters are plug-and-play and can be delivered rapidly when discovering new contaminations, thus preventing any project delay. Being available for rental, they are ideal for temporary remediation projects. Also, no carbon or filtration waste is handled on-site.

How We Help You

Desotec Sustainable Mobile Filtration Solutions

Desotec partners with construction and engineering companies to build a greener future. We supply mobile sustainable activated carbon filtration solutions to purify air emissions and wastewater as well as remediating soil and groundwater. Our filters can be used as standalone treatments, temporary backups during the maintenance of alternative technologies, or polishing steps to meet very low emissions limits.

Safe and sustainable waste handling is part of our full-service solution. All filtration waste is taken away from customers’ sites in closed units and brought to Desotec’s facilities. There, adsorbed molecules are destroyed, and the carbon reactivated wherever possible. This circular solution reduces costs and boosts sustainability for generations to come.

These mobile filters demonstrated they were the perfect solution for our temporary need. Quick and easy, it’s all we needed.

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Flexible, mobile, and modular filtration solutions with sustainable waste handling and 24/7 support. With Desotec by your side, it’s easy to go green.

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