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Companies across the automotive industry’s value chain are striving to ensure their air emissions are pure and that their wastewater is safe for discharge. Desotec simple and sustainable mobile filtration solutions help your company get in gear for a greener future.

Air Emissions and Wastewater in the Automotive Industry

Vehicles are complex pieces of machinery, so treatment is required throughout their value chain. Air emissions are likely to contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and solvents. Common emission sources include: rubber used to make hoses and tires, plastics and composites used for bodywork, paints, and coatings. Desotec filters bring VOCs down to permitted levels, protecting the environment and allowing production to continue. Our filters also handle nitrogen oxides (NOx), which are released by the combustion of hydrocarbons.

Many VOCs and solvents are odorous. These include styrene from acrylates in paints and coatings, and hydrocarbon fumes from bitumen in sealants. Odor treatment is essential to protect workers’ health and prevent complaints from local residents.

Our filters also remove VOCs (such as terpenes and siloxanes) and hydrogen sulfide (H₂S) from biogas to protect the equipment used in its upgrading to biofuels for the transport industry.

Wastewater from cleaning and rinsing processes has high chemical oxygen demand (COD) levels. Specific compounds might include: non-ionic surfactants from lubricants used to make rubber, oils, metal particulates, and chlorinated cleaning products. Desotec’s activated carbon filters reduce contaminant levels to enable water to be safely discharged to wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) rather than to costly specialist disposal facilities. Alternatively, your company might reuse the treated water, reducing costs and boosting sustainability.

As Europe strives to meet its net-zero carbon targets by 2050, EU and national legislation is set to become ever tighter. Permitted VOC and COD levels are likely to drop, therefore original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), their Tier 1 & 2 suppliers, as well as scrap and shredding facilities will have to adapt. With Desotec’s modular filtration solutions, you can future-proof your company.


Shredding Air Emissions and Wastewater

Emissions standards are also expected to become stricter for scrap and shredding facilities. Scrap vehicles are shredded and separated into constituent materials for recycling, such as metals from bodywork and rubber from tires. This process releases VOC emissions, which are easy to treat with Desotec activated carbon filters. Our filters are often used in combination with other technologies to reduce dust.

Shredded parts can be rinsed, leading to wastewater that contains traces of chemicals, hydrocarbons from oils, and metal particulates. If scrap metal is stored in the open air, rainwater runoff can also contain these components. Desotec activated carbon filtration removes these compounds, reducing COD to a level that allows the safe discharge or reuse of the water.

Tire recycling also poses particular challenges, because the rubber releases hydrocarbons and H₂S. Our filters treat these compounds successfully, protecting the health of your workers and keeping the air odor-free in your neighborhood.

In the drive to develop sustainable transport, it is vital to consider a vehicle’s entire lifecycle, from original equipment manufacturing to shredding. Desotec is on board, with full-service air and water filtration solutions that protect your business and our environment.

Desotec Mobile and Sustainable Filtration Services

Desotec filters also treat wastewater from spills or cleaning processes. This wastewater contains solvent residues as well as cleaning products (often chlorinated). Contaminants include AOX and other organic compounds measured as COD. These contaminants must be removed to protect natural waterways, aquatic life, and our drinking water.

Standard wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) cannot handle high levels of AOX and COD, so companies must find effective pretreatment options before discharge or industrial reuse. Desotec has the answers your company needs: sustainable and effective activated carbon filtration solutions.

How We Help You

Desotec Sustainable Mobile Filtration Solutions

The automotive industry is rapidly changing gear. Desotec’s modular system adapts to your company evolving needs. If a new legislation imposes stricter emission limits or your production volume changes, we can easily add or remove our filters from your purification system.

Our activated carbon filters handle a range of flow rates, components, and concentrations. Filter replacement is quick and easy, requiring minimal production downtime.

Our full-service sustainable purification solution includes safe handling of filtration waste. Filters are transported away from customers’ sites to Desotec facilities, where adsorbed molecules are destroyed and most carbon is reactivated. This circular solution drives down costs and helps your company meet its green goals.

Desotec supported us with the engineering and supply of our air purification system. This enabled us to capture odors and prevent emissions to our surroundings.

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