Why purification?

We all need clean air and water, as well as a thriving economy. With DESOTEC’s sustainable mobile filtration solutions, your company can reach its business and sustainability goals. Together, we can control odors, boost product quality, protect occupational health, and conserve our natural environment for future generations.

Why Use a Mobile Filtration System?

Air purification is much more than just capturing CO2. As research investigates further the effects of industrial activity on humans and the environment, regulators are tightening emission limits for many other contaminants. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs), hydrogen sulfide (H2S) – you name it. Also, as people become more eco-conscious, companies will receive more odor complaints from their local communities. And, of course, it’s not just about air pollution. With more frequent and intense drought, water will soon be a premium commodity. Treating wastewater and contaminated groundwater help you comply with laws while improving the cost-effectiveness of your business.

A full-service mobile filtration solution makes it easy to comply with purification standards and stricter environmental laws. By renting mobile filters rather than buying fixed ones, you’ll save money and time. Being modular, mobile filters can be replaced quickly, causing minimal disruption to production. In addition, a modular filtration system will adapt to any change in your purification needs.

Our filters are plug-and-play and modular, making them both easy to use and adaptable

DESOTEC filters solve your liquid and gases purification needs quickly. Mobile activated carbon filtration is flexible and effective, adsorbing a range of components and handling varying flow rates and discontinuous production. Filter replacement is quick, safe, and dust-free, minimizing disruption to your business.

How We Can Help

DESOTEC Mobile Filtration Solutions

Busy companies need one point of contact for all their air, gas, water, and liquid filtration needs. DESOTEC’s full-service solutions cover everything from needs analysis, to filter installation, to sustainable waste handling, to filter maintenance. Activated carbon is the Best Available Technology for many applications, acting as a standalone treatment or in combination with other technologies. DESOTEC experts are on hand 24/7, providing a service you can rely on.

Finally, DESOTEC is committed to operate sustainably and safely. We take filtration waste away from your site and handle it on our premises. Plus, whenever possible, we reactivate saturated carbon, closing the loop of our circular service.

Our Filtration Solutions

Flexible, mobile, and modular filtration solutions with sustainable waste handling and 24/7 support. With DESOTEC by your side, it’s easy to go green.

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