Battery Production & Recycling

The battery production and recycling industry requires ready-to-implement air, wastewater, and hydrometallurgy purification solutions to enable rapid upscaling. DESOTEC is the sustainable choice for battery production and recycling companies, because we provide them with full-service mobile filtration solutions that help them build a greener future.

Battery Industry Air Emissions and Wastewater

Across the world, businesses are rising to one of the biggest challenges facing us all today: the growing demand for renewable electricity. Gigafactories are being built for manufacturing batteries to store wind, solar, and hydroelectric energy. Recycling facilities will reduce the demand for new lithium and cobalt, thus averting supply chain disruptions. However, battery production and recycling are not free from contamination.

DESOTEC is proud to be part of this drive to a greener future. Our filters can treat pollutants such as N-Methyl-2-pyrrolidone (NMP). This is a substance of very high concern (SVHC) and is therefore subject to very strict emissions limits. Based on activated carbon, DESOTEC filtration can also remove carbonic acid esters such as dimethyl carbonate (DMC) and ethylmethyl carbonate (EMC), which are not classified as SVHC but are very volatile and photosensitive.


Battery Production

In lithium battery production, air emissions are a greater challenge than wastewater. DESOTEC’s sustainable mobile filtration solutions provide the simple answer to this complex problem.

Our filters handle the high flow rates with low concentrations which are typical of this application. The filters treat emissions from the coating of cathodes (such as NMP) and from the injection of electrolytes into the battery (such as DMC and EMC). DESOTEC filtration solutions are also effective at treating emissions from storage tanks.

By purifying NMP and electrolyte solvents, our filters may allow the solvent reuse in the battery manufacturing process. They remove impurities from decomposition such as aromatic or halogenated compounds from these solvents, potentially improving their quality and that of the finished product.

With the growing needs of electric cars and energy storage systems, lithium battery production and recycling are booming. That brings with it fresh environmental challenges. Nevertheless, DESOTEC mobile filtration solutions can help the battery industry meet its green goals.

Battery Recycling

When batteries are shredded, electrolytes evaporate, often at low flow rates but high concentrations. Again, DESOTEC filters are up to the task of removing EMC, DMC and their decomposition products from these emissions.

DESOTEC filters can also be used in combination with other technologies. For example, wet scrubbers can treat highly corrosive hydrofluoric acid upstream, while our filters can remove residual acid downstream, therefore acting as a polishing step.

The washing and rinsing of shredded components as well as on-site rainfall runoff give rise to industrial wastewater. This wastewater contains a mixture of components from electrolytes, coatings, and cleaning fluids, and their contamination is measured in terms of overall chemical oxygen demand (COD) levels. DESOTEC is here for your company, with mobile water filtration services to treat wastewater and keep our waterways and land clean.

How We Help You

DESOTEC Sustainable Mobile Filtration Solutions

At DESOTEC, we share battery manufacturers and recyclers’ mission of achieving sustainability. We’re pleased to support the rapid growth of this industry with our mobile activated carbon filtration services and existing filter range.

Our filters are quick to install and help your company get up and running rapidly. The filters start to work immediately, handle discontinuous flows, and can be optimized to suit changing purification requirements.

Our full-service solution includes filtration waste handling. We transport waste away from your site, destroy adsorbed molecules, and reactivate carbon wherever possible. This circular approach keeps costs down and boosts sustainability (data on CO₂ footprint reduction is available), helping you build a greener future for generations to come.

The DESOTEC team has been helpful. They guided us toward the most effective solution for our air emissions problem. Filters were installed quickly and functional.

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Mobile, modular industrial filtration that lets you focus on your business. Sustainable waste handling and around-the-clock support are included for a hassle-free service.

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