Polymers and Composites

Companies that manufacture polymers and composites need reliable solutions to reduce volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other unwanted components from air emissions and wastewater. DESOTEC mobile sustainable filtration solutions protect your business, your workers’ health, and the planet.

Polymer and composite manufacturing: VOCs

Polymers and composites are used across many industries. They include polyurethane (PU) foam for insulation and resin-based polymers such as fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) for molded items, such as boat hulls and pipes. Polymer, composite, and resin manufacturing emit VOCs and solvents, such as styrene, which must be reduced for environmental reasons. Tight controls are also in place for specific VOCs emitted during polymer and composite manufacturing, such as monochlorobenzene (MCB). Because legislation is becoming ever stricter, it is vital for your company to put solutions in place that future-proof your business. DESOTEC’s mobile and sustainable filters can reduce VOC concentration to extremely low levels, ensuring business continuity and protecting our environment.


Polymer and composites manufacturing: odor control and health

Specific VOCs emitted during polymer and composite manufacturing also require treatment to ensure air stays fresh and healthy. Styrene is known for its strong odor, even at very low concentrations. Factories located near residential areas must take prompt odor control action to stay on the right side of their local communities and environmental authorities. At higher doses, styrene also poses a health risk to site workers and those living nearby. Other hazardous compounds found in polymers and composites include isocyanates in PU foam, chlorides in polyvinyl chloride (PVC), methylene chloride, which is a probable carcinogen, and various substances of very high concern (SVHCs). DESOTEC’s mobile and sustainable filtration solutions reduce these molecules to extremely low levels, protecting human health and ensuring your company meets its obligations under occupational health legislation.

While polymer and composite manufacturing is essential for many industrial industries, it produces air emissions and wastewater that require purification. With DESOTEC’s full-service mobile sustainable filtration solutions, your company can play its part in protecting our environment and human health.

Industrial Wastewater Treatment in Polymer and Composite Manufacturing

Composite and polymer manufacturing can also produce wastewater that requires purification to protect our waterways. This water could contain traces of metal or carbon particulates, inks, dyes, solvents, microplastics, glass fibers, and chlorinated cleaning products. DESOTEC’s water filters can work as standalone treatments or in combination with other technologies to reduce adsorbable organic halides (AOX) and chemical oxygen demand (COD). Following treatment, water can be discharged to standard wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs), avoiding the need for costly specialist disposal. Alternatively, companies can reuse the treated water in their industrial processes (such as cooling, washing, and so on), driving down costs while boosting sustainability.

How We Help You

DESOTEC Sustainable Mobile Filtration Solutions

Whatever your industry, DESOTEC is here to help. Our mobile and sustainable activated carbon filters have a small footprint, so they fit easily into busy sites. Piping can also be easily installed to combine emissions sources. Setups are designed to suit a range of flow rates, concentrations, and compounds.

Our full-service solution includes safe waste handling. Once the carbon is saturated, filters can be replaced quickly and easily, and with minimal downtime. No carbon is handled at customers’ sites, keeping your premises dust-free. The old filter is transported to DESOTEC’s facilities, where adsorbed molecules are completely destroyed. Wherever possible, the carbon is reactivated, making DESOTEC solutions cost-effective and circular.

DESOTEC supported us with the engineering and supply of our air purification system. This enabled us to capture odors and prevent emissions to our neighbors.

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