DESOTEC is active in both Europe and North America, providing sustainable mobile filtration solutions to companies in their pursuit of sustainable production. Our team of highly skilled engineers is dedicated to assisting you in achieving your sustainability goals. Through our innovative and circular mobile filtration solutions, we actively contribute to building a cleaner and greener world. We understand the significance of our work and your engagement, not only for today but also for future generations. Together, we strive for excellence and foster collaborative efforts to drive positive ecological change across various industries.


  • United States of America

    Since June 2023, we embarked on the rollout of our North American growth strategy, making our first investment by acquiring the activated carbon reactivation and exchange business of Evoqua Water Technologies. Providing sustainable mobile filtration solutions over the whole of the United States, supported by our locations in Darlington (Pennsylvania), Parker (Arizona) & Red Bluff (California).

    Parker, AZ - Permits
  • Canada

    With our expansion to the United States, we are also able to serve Canadian companies that are in need of any purification needs. Our local team will support you in providing the right solution for your needs, and thus so making the world cleaner & greener.


  • Belgium, Netherlands & Luxemburg

    Our headquarters are located in Roeselare, Belgium together with our first 4 reactivation facilities. These countries were the birthplace of DESOTEC, so we have a dedicated local team ready to help you reach your purification needs.

  • France

    DESOTEC is building its next production facilities in the north of France, which supports our global mission and growth in this region. In France, we have a dedicated local team ready to help you reach your purification needs.

  • Spain & Portugal

    With a service centre in Tarragona (close to Barcelona), DESOTEC is able to serve your purification needs locally. Our local team is divided into engineers who support your purification needs and our logistics team that supplies the mobile filters.

  • Italy

    Since the beginning of DESOTEC we worked with local partners to serve the Italian market, from 2018 Origgio became our own permanent service center in Italy. This service center and our dedicated sales team guarantee our service to the Italian market.

  • United Kingdom & Ireland

    After a 15-year partnership, DESOTEC established a local service centre in close proximity to Manchester, strategically positioned at the heart of this region. This, together with our local sales team, ensures our commitment to the UK & Ireland markets.

  • Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark & Iceland

    DESOTEC has been present in the Nordics for more than two decades. Our sales engineers are located in each Denmark, Sweden & Finland ensuring a local, smooth, and quick service for your purification needs.

  • Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Lithuania & Estonia

    Our local presence in Poland consists of our regional sales team who ensures the right solution for your needs and our logistics team which supplies the mobile filters. All of this is located in the Polish service centre that we established in 2012.

  • Germany, Austria & Switzerland

    With a dedicated and experienced team of sales engineers spread all over the DACH region, we strive to make the DACH industry cleaner, greener and more sustainable with our circular mobile filtration solutions.