Oil, creosote, plastics, pesticides. All these contain hydrocarbons, presenting companies with major wastewater purification or soil remediation challenges. Desotec has the answer: sustainable mobile filtration solutions that allow your firm to do business while protecting human health and the environment for future generations.

Why is hydrocarbon removal important?

We’re all aware these days that fossil fuels, of which hydrocarbons are the main constituent, pose environmental and health risks. Some hydrocarbons are carcinogenic, while others accumulate in nature, where they can harm aquatic life and enter the human food chain.

Desotec has the answers, providing companies with filters that are effective at removing hydrocarbons from industrial wastewater, soil and groundwater. Our filters are in place at multiple sites, treating several compounds including polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAH), halogenated hydrocarbons containing chlorine, fluorine or bromine, benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene and xylene (BTEX), and petroleum hydrocarbons.

Removing hydrocarbons contamination from industrial wastewater

Hydrocarbons are found in countless everyday products. So, companies in a range of sectors are seeking wastewater purification solutions that they can trust.

Hydrocarbons may be released in wastewater from the manufacture or usage of different products such as herbicides and pesticides, bitumen, foodstuffs, cosmetics, plastics, degreasing and cleaning fluids, and clothing. All of these can be successfully treated with Desotec’s sustainable mobile filters, before the wastewater is discharged to wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) or the environment.

Rainfall run-off is another challenge that Desotec filters can address. At scrapyards and landfill sites, rainwater may contain traces of cooling liquids used in fridges or oil products. By pumping up the leachate water and passing it through a Desotec filter, waste management companies can keep their environment clean.

Removing hydrocarbons contamination found in groundwater

While legislation has been tightened in recent decades, and certain hydrocarbon products have been banned, their legacy remains. Desotec partners with remediation firms to remove hydrocarbons found in  lake sediment and groundwater as a result of the past industrial activity.

For example, the use of coal-tar creosote, which consists largely of polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAH), has been heavily restricted for many years. It’s a very persistent, bioaccumulative and toxic (vPvB) component and is also believed to be carcinogenic.

Where creosote or other hydrocarbon products are found unexpectedly during a construction project, Desotec installs mobile water treatment filters rapidly to ensure work continues with minimal delay. Our filters are supplied on a rental basis, making them well suited for temporary usage.

It’s essential for human and planetary health that our waterways and groundwater remain free from hydrocarbon contamination. With Desotec’s full-service filtration solutions, your company can do its bit to limit the hydrocarbons effect on our environment and health.

Helping you comply

Desotec has the expertise and technology to support your company in meeting the terms of permits and regulations, protecting your business and helping you reach your green goals.

Many hydrocarbons are now heavily controlled by legislations. Permitted limits are set very low, especially for hydrocarbons that are known or suspected to be carcinogenic.

In the construction sector, certain countries, such as France, stipulate that companies must carry out soil remediation if they find any hydrocarbon pollution. Desotec’s mobile plug-and-play filters enable complex projects to continue uninterrupted.

How we help you

Desotec sustainable mobile filtration solutions

Desotec is your one-stop shop for all your wastewater filtration needs. We offer full-service solutions covering everything, from filtration needs analysis to set-up design to waste handling.

Our mobile sustainable filters can handle a range of hydrocarbons, concentrations, flow rates, and other process parameters. They can be used as standalone treatments or in combination with other technologies as a pre-treatment or polishing step.

We transport filtration waste in closed units away from your site. All molecules are destroyed and, where possible, carbon is reactivated, giving you a circular solution that is both cost-efficient and green.

Desotec filters have been very effective in purifying our wastewater. Thanks to this simple but effective set-up, we’re now in compliance with environmental limits.

Our filtration solutions

Our mobile and modular purification service makes it simple to go green. Sustainable waste handling and 24/7 support are included, so you can focus on production.

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