Companies are partnering with DESOTEC to purify wastewater from chemical oxygen demand (COD) and biochemical oxygen demand (BOD). Our full-service mobile water treatment solutions handle everything, from initial testing to waste disposal, taking the pressure off your firm and allowing you to meet your sustainability goals with ease.

What are chemical oxygen demand (COD) and biochemical oxygen demand (BOD)?

Aquatic wildlife and vegetation need oxygen to thrive. By measuring COD and BOD of your wastewater, firms can take action to keep oxygen to a healthy level. The higher the COD and BOD, the more contaminated the water, so concentrations must be reduced as much as possible before discharge.

COD measurement relies on a chemical reagent to oxidise organic and inorganic matter, while BOD assessment uses microorganisms to biodegrade organic compounds. It is slower to carry out BOD testing, so COD is often the preferred method.

Why is industrial wastewater treatment for COD and BOD important?

Activated carbon filters used for treating wastewater reduce COD and BOD, preventing blue-green algae blooms from forming and keeping watercourses aerated.

COD and BOD also kill off bacteria in biofilters at wastewater treatment plants (WWTP). By pre-treating your wastewater, you can then send it to a WWTP where it’s cleaned for industrial re-use. This saves on freshwater usage, thus conserving our planet’s natural resources.

COD and BOD may also contain persistent organic pollutants (POPs), which accumulate in nature and enter the human food chain. It’s common to use multiple technologies in series to bring down COD and BOD levels and keep our water pure.

The sources of COD and BOD

DESOTEC’s simple plug-and-play mobile water treatment solutions are tailored to support firms across a range of sectors.

Waste management and recycling firms experience high COD and BOD levels. At landfill sites, rainwater trickles through the waste, picking up traces of contaminants and collecting at the bottom. To protect groundwater, leachate water must be pumped up and treated before it floods the site.

The manufacture of pesticides and fertilisers also produces wastewater with high COD and BOD levels. These products may contain POPs, so treatment is essential to protect biodiversity and human health.

Wastewater from cleaning processes in any sector will contain both residues of industrial chemicals and cleaning products. DESOTEC’s mobile filters are supplied on a monthly basis, making them ideal for short-term or temporary usage.

Additionally, there are many natural sources of BOD and COD, including rotting leaves and dead fish. DESOTEC filters help your firm play its part in preserving these delicate ecosystems.

Industry has a vital role to play in keeping waterways flourishing and conserving fresh water. DESOTEC can satisfy your thirst for wastewater purification, offering sustainable mobile filtration solutions that protect your business and our environment.

Helping you comply

Each industrial site has an environmental discharge limit. We carry out lab and pilot testing to determine the optimal set-up to keep COD and BOD levels within permitted limits. While regulations may be tightened in the future, DESOTEC’s modular system makes it easy to future-proof your business.

Should your firm experience a sudden peak in COD and BOD, you can tap into our solutions as they will start working straight away. With DESOTEC’s activated carbon filtration service, your business can be confident it will remain compliant and sustainable at all times.

How we help you

DESOTEC mobile wastewater treatment

DESOTEC is your single point-of-contact for all filtration needs. We handle everything, from filtration needs analysis to waste management.

Our mobile sustainable wastewater filtration services work as standalone treatments or in combination with other methods. Filters are placed before physico-chemical technologies or biofilters to flatten peaks of concentrations, or afterwards as a polishing step. Activated carbon also handles high and discontinuous flow rates.

We transport filtration waste in closed units away from your site. All molecules are completely destroyed and, where possible, carbon is reactivated, giving you a circular solution that boosts your business profits and sustainability.

By complying with BOD and COD limits, firms ensure that waterways and WWTP biofilters remain healthy.

Our filtration solutions

Our mobile and modular purification service makes it simple to go green. Sustainable waste handling and 24/7 support are included, so you can focus on production.

Our filtration solutions