Manufacturers, waste management companies, and construction firms are among the businesses that face the challenge of removing phenol from wastewater or groundwater. DESOTEC simple mobile filtration solutions enable your company to protect its activity and boost its sustainability.

Why remove phenol from wastewater and groundwater?

Phenol is an organic substance used as a precursor to make many important compounds, including chlorophenol, nonylphenol, and catechol. Phenols are found in a huge range of products, including antiseptics, mouthwash, medications, food and cosmetics preservatives, adhesives, epoxy resins, paper and pulp, paints, building material preservatives, polyurethane, dyes, textiles, and pesticides.

While phenols do occur naturally in the environment, human-made ones are largely derived from petrochemicals. Their concentrations in wastewater must be reduced to very low levels to protect human and animal health.

DESOTEC provides full-service sustainable activated carbon filtration solutions that adsorb phenol in wastewater and groundwater, rendering it safe for discharge to the natural environment or as input for wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs).

Phenol removal from wastewater

Companies in sectors including petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, food production, and waste management have to meet phenol limits set by the environmental authorities and WWTPs. Phenol may be found in wastewater from condensate, chemical reactions, and cleaning processes, among other industrial sources. DESOTEC has the answer: mobile and sustainable filters for water pollution control. Our activated carbon filters are a simple plug-and-play technology. They are easy to install and exchange, requiring minimal production downtime. Our full-service solution also includes safe and sustainable handling of filtration waste .

Phenol and creosote: Land and groundwater remediation

Soil and groundwater at former industrial sites may require treatment before the land is safe for reuse. The wood preservative creosote, which contains phenols, is now heavily restricted on environmental grounds but is still commonly found at such sites. Where industries are still in operation, land may require remediation after leaks or spills of substances containing phenol.

DESOTEC supplies mobile water filters to remediation companies for the treatment of soil and groundwater. Groundwater is pumped up, passed through the activated carbon filter, then returned to the ground or sent for disposal.

Our plug-and-play filters are ideal for remediation work, ensuring that complex construction projects proceed smoothly. Because of their small footprint, they can fit into crowded construction sites. As they are mobile, our filters may be installed quickly and can start working immediately in emergency situations.

Phenol is present in several products such as soaps, plastics, and pesticides, but must be removed from wastewater and groundwater to protect human and aquatic health. DESOTEC’s mobile filtration solutions are the simple and sustainable answer.

Helping you comply

The usage of phenol is governed by the EU’s REACH regulations, the EU’s Water Framework Directive, the UK’s Water Framework Directive as well as national and regional legislation. Some phenol derivatives are subject to special controls. Concentration and emissions limits are defined directly through a phenol index under ISO 6439 or are included in the chemical oxygen demand (COD) limits. WWTPs set their own acceptance limits to protect their biofilters. DESOTEC’s sustainable activated carbon filters bring down phenol concentration below emissions limits. In an emergency, our mobile water filters may be installed rapidly to ensure business continuity.

How we help you

DESOTEC sustainable mobile filtration solutions

If your company needs a simple phenol removal solution for wastewater or groundwater, DESOTEC is at your service.

Our activated carbon filters work as a standalone treatment or as a polishing step in combination with other technologies. Our system is modular, so filters may be placed in series to reduce phenol concentration and meet emission limits at all times.

Safe waste handling is included in our full-service solution, with all filtration waste removed in closed filter units away from customers’ sites. At our facilities, the phenol is destroyed and the carbon is reactivated. This circular solution drives down your costs and helps your business meet its green goals.

The mobile filters from DESOTEC helped us tackle an urgent purification need. They’ve been very helpful.

Our filtration solutions

Flexible, mobile solutions configured to meet your industrial purification needs. With sustainable waste management included, it’s easy to reach your green goals.

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