Revolutionizing biogas: a cutting-edge circular carbon production facility

For producing biogas or upgrading it to biomethane, a cost-efficient, law-proof, and sustainable H2S removal is a must-have yet hard-to-get technology in Europe. After years of R&D, next summer we will open a unique production facility producing European-made activated carbon, from the recycling of high-sulphur loaded carbon, dedicated to the biogas market.

A breakthrough to close the loop and revolutionize Europe’s biogas market

This innovation was made possible using the extensive expertise our teams built over many decades. Our specially developed new production facility is a real game-changer and our closed-loop purification solution implies a series of advantages for the biogas industry:

Fewer greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions: sourcing up to 80% less coal-based virgin activated carbon from outside Europe, we’ll reduce our feedstock-related GHG emissions​. On top of that, by integrating a turbine into our boiler, we’ll convert some of the waste steam into electricity, therefore making our production more climate friendly.

Lower cost & assurance of a compliant waste treatment solution: our closed-loop purification solution will be contributing towards biogas players’ sustainability goals, and will save them money on the disposal (i.e., incineration) of high-sulphur carbon. Plus, companies won’t need to worry about the upcoming stricter regulations on their end-of-life treatment​.

Resilient operations: a local supply of high-quality activated carbon safeguards both DESOTEC and biogas upgrading companies in Europe against potential disruptions along non-EU value chains, thereby ensuring business continuity. This also means less transport of carbon across the globe, hence contributing to a significant reduction of our carbon footprint.

Once this state-of-the-art production facility is operational, we will be able to receive spent high-sulphur carbon and valorise it into a new activated carbon of equivalent quality to the virgin one. This innovative way of recycling, which is patented, makes our purification solution nearly 100% circular, more cost-effective, and less dependent on non-European carbon supply sources.

Securing the future of biogas producers

Raw materials shortages and tighter regulations on the disposal of spent high-sulphur carbon could undermine the profitability of the European biogas sector. By upcycling a costly waste into a European-made activated carbon, we are future-proofing biogas businesses in Europe while increasing their sustainability and cost-effectiveness.