A turnkey odour removal system at a tank storage facility

DESOTEC’s mobile activated carbon filters work on a simple plug-and-play basis. However, sometimes they need to be incorporated into a larger extraction system. DESOTEC works with trusted sub-contractors across Europe to design and install efficient and cost-effective air filtration systems for our clients.

The problem

A company in Belgium operates storage tanks for third-party clients. On site, they have a large silo that is used to store plastic granules, which are dried by flushing the tank with hot air. Air emissions are vented from the top of the silo.

However, the emissions contain different organics, including alkanes, which prompted odour complaints from workers at the site and people living nearby. The company wanted to ensure a pleasant working and living environment for its staff and neighbours, so contacted DESOTEC.

We determined that our activated carbon filter technology would be suitable for removing the odorous molecules once integrated into an extraction system.

The solution

We sub-contracted a specialist air extraction company to partner with us on designing and supplying a total solution for the client.

This comprises ductwork leading from the vent on top of the silo down to a dust filter at ground level, which prevents the activated carbon in the DESOTEC filter from becoming clogged, which would reduce its efficiency.

The DESOTEC filter is an AIRCON 3000 model, capable of handling the flow rate of 3 000 m³/h.

The system also comprises a fan to extract the emissions over the filters and back into the chimney for discharge into the atmosphere. An electrics box powers the fan; and a sound dampener reduces noise pollution.

Our sub-contractor provided all equipment except for the DESOTEC filter. Once all components were ready, the sub-contractor installed the set-up in two-three days in March 2021, without any downtime for the client.

The results

The system is working well, and the client has received no odour complaints. The first filter exchange took place as expected six months after installation.

DESOTEC bears overall responsibility for the system and is the sole point-of-contact for the client, simplifying the process for them. Thanks to our extensive expertise, we have forged good partnerships with reliable third-party contractors in all the markets where we work.

The client has several silos on site, and may well replicate this installation at others, depending on their contents. It can now promote its tank storage services to potential clients with an off-the-shelf odour treatment solution. As both capital and operating expenses are relatively low, this is an attractive option.

Responsible companies are becoming increasingly aware of the need to protect neighbours and workers from odour nuisance. By treating odours, they avoid negative publicity and maintain their reputation.

Furthermore, DESOTEC handles all waste in a safe and sustainable manner. Spent carbon is transported in closed filters to our facilities, where it is analysed to determine what measures need to be taken. All molecules that were adsorbed onto the activated carbon are desorbed inside DESOTEC’s reactivation furnaces. These contaminants are then destroyed in accordance with national and European legislation by an incineration and neutralisation set-up. The entire installation and its emissions are under continuous online monitoring, ensuring that only harmless water vapour exits the chimneys.