Air emission

Purification with mobile activated carbon filters

Air emission treatment

Air emission control with respect to organic or inorganic components is becoming an ever-greater challenge in today’s industrialised world.
It can involve components that give rise to a pervasive odour, or that exceed the VOC emission directive in the manufacturer’s operating permit.

The sources of these emissions can vary widely: they can emanate from a waste storage building, a waste treatment centre, a water treatment plant, from venting storage tanks or reactors, manufacturing chemical intermediates and end-products such as polyester, from manufacturing furniture, windows & doors, paints & coatings or chemical/petrochemical products.
The diversity of components is infinite, as are the areas of application.
DESOTEC has developed a range of systems that offer a solution for all markets, from the lowest to the highest air flow rate (mobile filters from 100 to 55.000 m3/h) and from trace- to significantly high concentrations (mg/m³ to g/m³).

In addition, DESOTEC has a wide range of adsorption products available for various contaminants.



DESOTEC offers different types of activated carbon for air emission applications:

  • Activated carbon of different qualities for the removal of VOCs (volatile organic components), eg. styrene.
  • Impregnated and catalytic activated carbon for the removal of inorganics, such as heavy metals, ammonia or hydrogen sulphide (Hg, NH3, H2S ...).

Specifically for the air emission applications, DESOTEC has developed a fleet of mobile filters processing flows from 100 to 55.000 m3/h per filter.

The use of mobile filters offers several advantages to the user:

  • An easy to use and compact solution.
  • Plug-and-Play
  • Small and compact units designed to treat a broad range of flows and concentrations.
  • The filters are offered with daily rental contracts. No capex facility is needed.
  • On site representative piloting.
  • No maintenance cost.
  • Continuous new developments and improvements

DESOTEC offers recycling solutions for spent activated carbon coming from air emission in its own reactivation furnaces and other valorisation facilities.